Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine Surprise

This morning the Mistress got up as usual and headed to get her morning cup of Kona java with a spike of Brandy. Since she was off today she was able to sleep in. In the kitchen sat a Valentine card from the Boy-Toy. On the back of the envelope were instructions to be ready by 1:30 and what to wear. So at 1:30 the Boy-Toy gets home and we head out. Turns out the little weasel was taking the Mistress on a date to the Henery Mercer Museum she just posted about on Tuesday.

The Mercer Museum is a history museum of everyday life in America during the 18th and 19th centuries. Henry Mercer gathered the collection and completed construction of the museum in 1916. The collection of over 40,000 objects documents the lives and tasks of the early Americans through the tools that met their needs and wants prior to the Industrial age. Their is a lot to look at. Even if your not into the objects, it's worth just seeing the inside and outside of the building. The architecture is amazing. And the whole building is made from concrete. All the walls and roofing and even the mullions in the windows are concrete. Mercer wanted to make sure the whole building was fire proof! The only problem is that their is no heating system in the building in order to protect and preserve the collection, so the building is what ever temperature it was the prior day! So it was a little nipply! After the tour the Boy-Toy then took me to a coffeehouse for a coffee and pastry and we sat their and talked and reminisced. After leaving there, he then surprised me with a very nice picture of us that we had taken together. So it looks like a wonderful day was had. Now tonight the Boy-Toy will get his surprise!

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  1. Anonymous2/14/2009

    And what do you dear Mistress have in store for the Boy-Toy?


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