Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Chanteuse Winehouse

Singer Amy Winehouse is supposedly doing much better these days! The Mistress has always loved Amy Winehouse's music since she emerged two years ago. Both her cd's are excellent, although I do like the first cd titled Frank, which was her second release here, better. It has a little more jazz sound to it. Amy has been relatively out of the news. The latest is that she is still in the tropics and her producer has said she is currently working on her third cd. Word in the music world is that she could have another hit on her hands. Plus she is also looking a little better. Here are some of the latest photos. She does appear to look somewhat better. Although the Mistress doesn't care for the shorter hair.

I also understand that the man in the hammock is just a friend. And she might have another new man. Whatever it is working keep it up Amy. Don't have the world's longest running "come back" record like Ms.Whitney Houston!


  1. she looks aMAHzing!!! i am so proud of her... i must admit, i am a fan of amy winehouse 1.0 when she has serious curves and big boobies ~ the drugs made her far too skinny ~ but now she seems to be at the perfect weight for her and her skin looks really great, too.

    i like both "frank" and "back to black" (i was listening to b2b just last night, LOL) b/c both really stand the test of time. i am also a big BIG fan of the b-sides to "back to black": valerie and cupid being particular faves.

    also, i can't help but love and respect someone who puts their crazy right out on the surface and doesn't try to hide the fact that they're human. she is fierce fierce FIERCE and i am looking forward to paying for her new cd... :)

  2. Chef- I'm right their with you. I have always loved Amy Winehouse. Whe she came out on the scene her sound was so fresh and she had a unique orignal look for herself and didn't care with what people thought of her. And look,she has two best selling cd's and four Grammy's behind her!

  3. I certainly hope she is able to keep it up. Her voice is amazing, but I am still worried.

  4. Anonymous2/11/2009

    I love Amy Winehouse. She is hopefully on the road to recovery. When your in love it can really change alot of things. And she so needed to dump that husband of hers. Can't wait for the next cd.

  5. hey thanks for the tip about 'Frank.' I hadn't heard of that album but I loves me some Amy so I'm on the hunt.
    I sure hope she pulls it together.


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