Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Grande Dame of the Week

The Uncompilable Nina Flowers!

Nina Flowers is one hell of a spectacular, talented queen. She has reinvented herself over many times and is extremely versatile with her looks. Nina is definitely one of the most unique drag illusionist the Mistress has seen. Nina is currently a dragtestant on RuPaul's Drag Race and I think she has a pretty good chance of winning this. Nina started the art of female drag in 1993, and her passion for the art of make-up developed and so did Nina's obsession with creating different faces and persona's. Nina is originally from Bayamon,Puerto Rico and now resides in Denver, Colorado. Through Nina's journey, she has worked in some of the best clubs and beside some of the best entertainers in the USA. Since Drag Race wrapped she is currently a resident DJ at the hottest club in Denver- Tracks. And soon she will also have a weekly show there titled Drama Drag,starting in March. Now we just have to wait and see who will make the lipstick finish line. Good luck Nina!


  1. the hilarious part? i didn't even really NOTICE how different all nina's looks were until the judges pointed it out this week... to me, that means that the looks are still essentially "her" ~ or her signature anyway ~ which takes serious talent. as you know, she was my fave from the get go, too, but i also like ongina and bebe. that'll be the top three, i hope! :))

  2. That first picture is gorgeous. What a gift she has for make-up and costume. Beautiful.

  3. Anonymous2/18/2009

    Nina is increidible with her looks. I think she stands a good chance of winning this.

  4. wow...that makeup is so beautiful and fabulous!!!! I'm so jealous!


  5. Anonymous2/18/2009

    Nina is the one I'm routing for. She has such a versatile look and her make-up skills are incredible. As far as talent she can do it all, dance,comedy, and look fierce while doing it!

  6. Anonymous3/03/2009

    I'm hoping Nina wins this. She is not only the best queen with looks and talent, but also a great personable attitude toward everyone! You go girl!


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