Thursday, February 19, 2009

That's Miss Kitty to You

The Mistress yesterday spent the better half of the day at work on the Hello Kitty/ Mac cosmetics launch.

The much anticipated Hello Kitty and MAC collaboration is almost here. It features a bright color palette dominated by pink, purples, and turquoise. Along with a slew of make-up, there's a good number of accessories to satiate the Sanrio worshiping crowd. Well,needless to say we have alot of visual work to back up the launch. My co-stylist and the Mistress were in the department most of the day setting up the collateral for the event and also styled two of the mannequins to mimic the look of the above picture. It turned out quite nicely. When we were unpacking the materials we came across the outfit for the models who will be there on Saturday for the launch. There is going to be a female model walking "her kitty" on a leather leash. The male model who is the kitty will be wearing leather pvc black pants( just imagine what that will show off) with Doc Martian boots and NO SHIRT! I understand the model is hot as hell. I told someone they better take pictures. We came across the head of the Hello Kitty and though we would try it on.

The co-worker.

The Mistress.

And here is the new promo video for the launch of the new line. The kitties do look hot and the Mistress just loves the imagery of the video.


  1. MISTRESS!!! as rupaul would say, "you betta WORK" that hello kitty head, LOL. it's like you purposely wore that outfit knowing you'd have to put on a giant foam head. lovesit!

  2. ok, just watched the vid... very kawaii-gwen-stafani alice in wonderland which i LOVE, but the part where she climbs in the big pink hole... um. odd. =D

  3. Chef- it is not hard to pick a outfit for work as we have to wear black everyday. It is a company policy. And it makes eveyone look thin.

  4. Mistress, girrrrrl, you are WORKING that Kitty Head!!! Super Model!!!

    and I'm DYING to know who you work for!!!!

  5. Anonymous2/19/2009

    You do do Hello Kitty for Halloween girl and have the boy toy be the hottie on the leash. I am just a big whore for anything MAC does!

  6. We had an event like that at one of our stores last week! Those MAC people really know how to do an event!


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