Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Well,what can I say? The Mistress had a lovely time if I remember correctly!?! I was going to post last night, but from being in Long Island all last week and then away this past weekend again I was pooped and the Mistress was looking at the back of her eye lids by nine last night and in the bed! On Friday ,the Mistress rounded up the Boy-Toy and we departed for our friends house in New Jersey where we were to be his guest. Upon our arrival,we relaxed and had a few pre-bar cock-a-tails and then hit the train for the city. He is conveniently located only three stops outside the city. So we arrived and walked to Pacha since it was so beautiful out. We arrived there around 10:15.

When we arrived there was already quiet a long line to get in the joint,and we were relieved my friend Dani had us as her guest so we didn't have to wait in line! THANK-YOU DANI!

Once in Pacha we met up with some other friends and co-workers who also came to see Dani spin. We headed downstairs and it brought back memories for the Mistress as it used to be the old Sound Factory where she used to cut some moves listening to a little dj named Junior Vasquez. All I can say Dani tore the f**king roof off that joint! She plays some of the best house I have ever heard. She is definitely going places. Dani was also djing with Lex who also was spinning for the first time at Pacha. They together were one powerhouse! I thought I was going into cardiac arrest.

After some cock-a-tails and working up a sweat it was time to see another special treat, world renowned DJ and all around hot stuff Fedde LaGrand!

Fedde is one hot guy and very talented on the turn tables. He can always get the Mistress to dance her ass off,and take you to another place with the music. Needless to say the place was packed! Around 2:30am the Mistress and company left to go to Splash Bar for some more cock-a-tails and dancing,where we stayed till 5am. The Mistress more or less cut one or two jigs, but sat and ogled the boys while the rest danced. I was very exhausted after seeing Fedde mind you. After playing a rousing game of connect the pecs on the hottie bartenders and pretty pickled on Tanqueray,we left to eat and catch the train back to Jersey while holding each other up. Mistress and company arrived to our friend house around 7am. The next day was spent sleeping and being hung! We did watch some movies and had a very delicious Italian dinner Saturday night. We also had some more cock-a-tails Saturday night at our fiend's place and also sat in his jacuzzi gossiping like a group of hens. And I tell you,that hot tub felt good that night after that hang over from that morning, never mind that I was drinking again! So another weekend has come and gone and I'm so glad I got to see Fedde finally! I think this weekend I might have to take it easy before all the Thanksgiving festivities start!


  1. Oooo. I knew you were going to have a fantabulous time. Now I'm going to have to listen to one of my Hed Kandi CDs on the drive home. And if you ever make it out this way, I have another club for you.

  2. Bitch, if you're going to be a few blocks away from my apartment, the LEAST you could do is call and say "hello".

    I thought your Mother taught you manners?!?...


  3. David-unfortuately I got my damn manners from my Dad's side!

    Dagny- I too love me some Hed Kandi cds! I think I need to make it out there.......

    love to you all-
    Mistress Maddie

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  5. Anonymous11/19/2008

    I love Pacha! I was there to the one in New York and in CA,and both times the men were hot as hell!

  6. Anonymous11/19/2008

    THANK-YOU for the shout out ! We really did have a nice time. Maybe next time the Mistress will be there in person! I can't wait! See ya-

  7. Anonymous11/19/2008

    I head to Pacha at least once a month. Although they need more cute white boys. It's all slicked back haired "Gotti" boys


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