Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Material Girl becomes Bag Lady

Wondering why Madonna has been seen cozying up with Vuitton designer Marc Jacobs in Hollywood? Or why Madge is carrying a garishly orange LV purse recently, when she isn't a big purse carrier like other high profile celebrities? Well,its' because Madonna has signed on to be the new face of Louis Vuitton's 2009 ad campaign for a reported $10 million bucks!!!! A week ago while working in the store,our Marc Jacobs vendor rep was telling me they signed a major name for the new model but wouldn't give any information other than that. I guess that will help her move forward from Guy Richie!


  1. Mehears from the 'snaps in H-town of the weekend that dear Madge was showing her age at the sickly and sweet concert. Next thing ya' know she'll been pimping hair products on QVC.
    Then........... a comeback tour!!!!!

  2. I'd want both the contract and Guy Ritchie...

  3. Dagny- I agree with you! I 'd take both also.

    Miss Ginger- honey you got that right. She is starting to show some lines and hanging skin. The new tour will be called the Peace ,Love ,and Hair grease tour!


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