Friday, November 14, 2008

The Traveling Mistress

Well, the Mistress is back and trying to get caught up on all the wonderful blogs she likes to read, but I don't know how much will get caught up on. It was a long week in Huntington Station where the Mistress was sent to help out her team there in Long Island. The staff there at that store is down just about the whole visual staff. So a crew was sent in to update the fashion in the store and install all the Christmas trim in four days! We worked from 7am till 7pm or later every night. Then we would have dinner and start over again the next day. While there I wished I had more free time to see my good friend Mamie in New York for a few cock-a -tails,and the only night I was able, Mamie was standing proud for our community at a rally in the city at the Mormon Church Headquarters,where there was a rally for the outrage against what they did for the prop 8 bill in California. Great work Mamie! You can check out her story over at David Dust! Anywho,we got done with all our work yesterday and before leaving,the only remaining staff member at that store made the Mistress and all you helped out a beautiful hand-painted Christmas ball for her tree. Thank-you Terry for such a nice sentiment.I arrived home last night,exhausted. Today I got caught up on the house work and laundry,because we are hitting the road again!

We are spending the weekend at our friend Doug's place in New Jersey.From there we will take the train to New york City, where tonight the Mistress was invited to see her friend and co-worker Dani Dj at Pasha. This is a big deal for her and we are more then happy to see her play such a big gig! And she is the opener for the Mistress's favorite spinner Fedde LaGrand. The Mistress's feet are moving already just thinking about it. From there we will probably go club hopping till Lord knows what time. Doug also has plans the rest of the weekend for us.It will be a Sex and the City weekend with the girls,and I am looking forward to it!


  1. I want to be you when I grow up. How was Pasha? I've been to the one in London and am still on their email list.

  2. Dagny- it was a very, very ,good time indeedy!


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