Tuesday, November 18, 2008


The beauty this week.....CHI-CHI-LaRUE!

Chi-Chi- LaRue is a damn funny good time. She is an American drag queen who also happens to be one of the most successful gay porn directors of all time,and just happens to be beautiful in drag while doing it. Chi-Chi who lives in California ,but is originally from Minnesota created her alter ego in the Twin Cities in a drag revue. Upon moving to California she was hired at porn company Catalina Video as a assistant. LaRue went on to film more then hundreds of gay porn videos as head director at Catalina and started his own company Rascal Video. And take my word, she made some goodies. Chi-Chi is also noted to find the hottest boys for films, is a major advocate for safe sex for all her actors, and coined the phrases "straight for pay" and "gay for pay". Chi-Chi can also be seen performing on various all gay cruises and playing hostess for awards shows and drag revues,and has also been named by Out Magazine one of the 50 Most Powerful Gay People in the US! All hail Chi-Chi!

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  1. Anonymous11/19/2008

    Chi-Chi is a pretty drag queen,but I like the men that work for her better!


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