Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday Brunch

In the mood for some Sunday Brunch? Well, I have some Beef-n-Drag for y'all. The beef this week is Top Design runner up Preston Lee!

I know I have featured him already but he is just hot. And talented. I tried my damnest to watch the show, but 1-I'm not a big reality show watcher and 2- I didn't have any chemistry with this show and my background is in interior design and still I couldn't get into it. And the judges were a bunch of snotty buffoons,who just sat there to look pretty I believe. And I still can't get pass that man/woman thing India. Anywho, I did chime in once and a while to see Preston and what he was designing. I was disappointed he didn't win, but at least he was the runner up. His design style is close to mine and what I like to see in design. And lets face it,he is also easy on the eyes!

And the drag....Rupaul,a DIVA! Nuff said.


  1. I love the last picture of Preston with the little girl. Good to see him having fun. He was so serious and reserved on the show I was a bit worried for him.

    Also glad to hear a design professional not get into the show. I watched it but the modern world of design isn't my cuppa. Our own house is 'survival of the children' - just now recovering.

  2. Frogponder- thanks for the comment and the life of the Mistress! That to worried me about Preston also all work and no play,and by this picturer and others I like to think he is having fun.And enjoy the "survival of the childern"household. They will make wonderful memories.

  3. Anonymous11/10/2008

    I have always loved Rupaul-sha is just fabulous! And Preston is not bad either.

  4. Anonymous11/10/2008

    HOT! He could help me design anything as log as he is shirtest.Of course I would be watching him do it!

  5. I love that picture too Frog!!! and he IS such a cutie...that first picture is da bomb!!!

    and rupaul is Fierce.

  6. I LOVVVVVE me some Ru', baby! Preston was cute, but he overworked the tormented, "my dad was a drunk" thing too much. Kind the way EddieMunster overworked the "Martha" thing. And India overworked the "I'm really a man" thing!

  7. Preston so should have won!


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