Friday, November 21, 2008

From the Candy Shop

The eye candy this week......Actor ERIK EIDEM!

Erik is originally from Virginia, Minnesota. Acting was always in this cutie's blood, andhis acting has started to take off recently in various tv spots and two feature films. While at college he would toggle between pre-med and pre-law,and all the while modeling to pay his bills. He ended up auditioning on tape for a film and got the part. After the film wrapped he moved to Los Angeles ans stayed ever since. I love his all-American look. Like the boy next door.

I ask,how can you not trust those gorgeous baby blues! They make me melt.And that sly smile.Hmmmmmm........


  1. Girl,

    That's EXACTLY how we used to look!!


  2. Anonymous11/21/2008

    He is adorable! And those quiet types aren't all that.....quiet! They are trouble in bed!

  3. Mamie honey they ARE pictures of us from years ago! You couldn't tell us apart!

  4. while I don't normally go for blond and blue eyes guys...too "white bread" for me...I prefer Wheat bread! HA! he is kinda cute tho....and I KNOW you and Tranny looked/look just. like. this!!!!!

  5. Beth-you KNOW this is exactly like what we looked like.

  6. Like Mamie said, we're ALL that gorgeous at that age.

    He's pretty spectacular though.

    Mark :-)


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