Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Grande Dame of the Week.......

The Grande Dame......Coco Vega!

Coco Vega was a native of Toledo, Ohio for years before traveling the US to entertain a variety of audiences. After leaving Ohio she lived in Florida, but is now currently a Las Vegas diva! Coco Vega has always been a driving force behind the entertainment committee for Sex, Drag, and Rock and Roll,a traveling drag show. Coco is very well known for her impersonations of Tina Turner. I can remember the first time I saw the talented Coco. It was in Harrisburg on the stage at Stallions where she was the shows guest entertainment. She brought down the house with a rendition of Proud Mary. You would have thought Tina Tuner was on the stage herself!!! Every time I saw Coco Vega I was never let down with her performance. She has definitely made drag an art. Coco Vega is also a very talented gown ,costume,and jewerly designer and turns bugle beads and sequins into works of art. A Coco Vega original can be seen at many national female impersonation pageants and you could wait for months for one of her gowns to be completed,by hand!

The pictures above of Coco and the one below,who is a acquittance of mine, Marrisa Devine who is from Philly , is pictured in one of Coco's creations. Boy ,can this bitch design!

Keep on entertaining Miss Thang!


  1. ALL the great Tranny's come from Ohio!!! YES!!!

  2. Love that 'Bette Midler For The Boys' look!

    Mark :-)

  3. Anonymous11/04/2008

    I saw Coco perform in Vegas once and you are correct.She was wonderful. Her outfits were also very over the top. This is a real ertertainer.


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