Friday, November 7, 2008

From the Candy Shop.....

The latest piece of eye candy is Christopher Fawcett

Christopher is the newest model from BI Model Management and is making waves with his incredible good looks,hot body and charm.Christopher is from Denver Colorado and as been down the runway for the designers DKNY, Valentino, and Calvin Kline. You can also catch him in the magazines Genre, Glitterati, and Metro Pop. These hot photos were taken from photographer Rick Day.I have always found Christopher to be hot and I just love that innocent little look he has!


  1. oh honey, I just BET you love that innocent look!!! ;)

  2. Anonymous11/08/2008

    That first picture sold me on him. HOT! I would love to be in the opposite postion, you know after a number with a 6 and a 9. OK! I have to go....

  3. Anonymous11/09/2008

    I wouldn't kick him out of my bed for eating crackers!

  4. Anonymous2/13/2009

    Oh my God! He is fucking hot as hell! I would love to show and do some things for him!


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