Friday, June 25, 2021


All arise for the newest Crowned Queen.... Kita Mean!!!!

Kita Mean is a 34 year old queen and hails from Aukland New Zealand, where she has been a drag staple for years, co-hosts and judges House of Drag with fellow queen Anita Wigl'it,  and co owns a gay cabaret club with Anita called Caluzzi Cabaret. This year however Kita made the cut and landed herself on the first ever season of Drag Race Down Under...and then went on, and won,  the crown last week.. no small feat,  after competing with the likes of Australian heavy hitters, and drag legends, Art Simone and Karen From Finance, who were runners up to Kita! A much deserved win and the right winner in my opinion. It's about time Ru welcomed another zany comedy queen, with that old school drag vibe... along with the likes of Jinkx Monsoon and Trixie Mattel. And that name? When she adopted her cat, it was put on ketamine. She thought it would be funny to name her new cat "Ketamine", which when she started doing drag, was asked once on the spot, what her name was, and she thought quickly , because she didn't have a drag name at the time,  and out popped Kita Mean, and it stuck. Kita is also not afraid to voice opinions. Since the season wrapped, some industry insiders and fans alike have started calling for RuPaul and Michelle to "kindly step aside, retire and let other people judge", savagely claiming they both have "lost any joy" in critiquing the drag queen contestants. But Kita doesn't see it, and has voiced such loudly. Many argued should she have won? Many thought, when I was reading reviews,  that Kita's proportions were all wrong, and her massive boob plate was distracting. And that there was always a constant disconnect with the clowny make up, her wigs and the sexy body-ody-ody. I disagree. Kita is what drag really is too me. A queen does not have to follow the "new and improved drag contour and lace front" method that more and more drag queens in the US are adopting.. And yet another reason I love the international shows better. That shit is just not important to these true caliber of drag queens. No matter what style of costume, you can bet Kita will always go for comedy drag in her make up styling. Her win is absolutely deserved, as she was the only queen who continued to improve throughout the competition, nor bring any problematic history that might taint the show. If you want the fishy and cookie cutter recipe... then keep watching the US version. I'll stick with Kita!!!!


  1. She has some wild 'n crazy wigs!

  2. She looks like she'd be a real hoot! I love how she came up with the name. Thanks for including that tidbit. Oh, there's a good name for a drag queen: Tid Bits!

  3. Well, she slays! πŸ™‚ Strong fierce queen! πŸ‘πŸ»

  4. She works hard... like an Amazon. Great looks... lots of craft on display.

  5. Kita Mean has a humungous sense of style, but Anita Wigl'it sounds as though she should be a character in a book like the Very Hungry Caterpillar.

    1. A character in a book like the Very Hungry Caterpillar!

      God one Helen LOL!!!!!!!

  6. I thought she was a riot and she gave me face and glam. Keta Mean is witty and fun.
    Her story with Anita and her journey with her weight made her real. She was devastated when Anita was eliminated, you could tell.
    I think she killed it and her win was more than deserved it. She fought for that crown! Was she always on point? Maybe not. I like how you point out that there's not a RIGHT way to do drag. I really liked her performance in the show, mixing comedy and glam.
    As for Ru and Michelle retiring? I don't think so. Adding more judges? Yes. But I still want to hear what Ru and Michelle have to say. I find their feedback helpful for the contestants. It's a reality show, not a drag pageant.


  7. I love the matching eyebrows. i may try that one!

  8. I think her looks are fierce.

  9. Congrats to Kita! Do I see a hint of Norma Desmond?


  10. She is FABULOUS! I watched and was glad she won. I would have loved any of them as the winner.

  11. Kita Mean! LMAO! Great name and she is so campy it!


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