Sunday, June 28, 2020



What would have been the offical Pride festivities in most cities this weekend, this year may not have been done in the traditional manner, but celebrate we did anyhow. I have been viewing the Pride Inside with Lady Bunny and other fabulous queens yesterday and today. It's hard to keep good bitches down I say. Last year this time I was dancing my ass off in New York City on the piers, after they saw record crowds for the 50th Stonewall anniversary parade and festival. We then headed to a very crowded Stonewall Inn for drinks, where we incidentally saw Pete and Chasten Buttigieg. That will be a surreal moment for sure to have so much converge all at once. How things change in one year huh? But blogger buddies Anne Marie and Upton had me swirling and twirling since being back, and I joke not...I have been dancing in boy shorts all day it seems.... so I thought I'd showcase my own favorite songs for Pride. And we can't forget the queens hunties!!!!!!! Now get up and shake that ass y'all!!!!!!

Lola LaCroix

Sister Roma-Life

Scarlett Envy

London Adore

Sister Roma-Healing

Peaches Christ

Miss Lady Fingers

Sister Roma-Sunlight

Bob, The Drag Queen


Sister Roma-Nature

Coco de Mere

Jaylene Thyme

Sister Roma-Harmony

Shea Coulee'

Candy Heals

Sister Roma-Spirit

Brita Filter


And from the back woods of  North Carolina…..
Heidi N Closet!!!!

Giving us a big ole cheers for Pride!!!!!!
Now... git on up and move that ass!!!!!!!!


  1. Beautiful ladies all. Thanks for the uplifting post!

  2. It's a Rainbow Connection!

  3. Gurrrrrrrrlllllllll , you ain't back two full days yet, and you got the heat cranked up on this bitch this weekendπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ got some dope old school 90's classics here. I'm sweating! And the queens are all spectacular!

    Happy Pride to all!!!!!!

  4. Happy Pride Weekend!!!!!

    I love that you included a new Jody Watley from the mid 2000's. She had two most excellent song then. And to think people thought she was done. Same with Bananarama….that song was hot in 2009. You must certainly got me moving.

  5. Anonymous6/28/2020

    Love the post and the music! Happy Pride!

  6. OMG!!!!! Todd Terry, Martha Wash and Jocelyn Brown were the fucking legendary trifecta of the club!!!!! And don't GET ME started on Divas To the Dancefloor!!!!!!!!!

    I'm having the vapors!

  7. I had no idea Jody Watley had a song back in 2012...I absolutely loved it!!!! And I need that hat she had on. This post was so visually gorgeous Mistress. The 90's ruled the clubs.

    Happy Pride to all tonight🏳‍🌈

  8. EXCELLENT club list! Im by myself in the office later, so this will be good music listening when Im working. Looking forward to hearing that Jody Watley song, I never heard that one.

  9. I've added all these songs to my play list! Just like your men you have quite the ear for most excellent club music. This post screamed Pride

  10. Oh, Honey. You keep the party GOING!
    Love the photos, too! Rainbow all the way.
    And I also did some Virtual Pride. Was back in the suburbs too early and couldn't catch the Pride/BLM march in Chi. Had to watch it on IG.
    But on with Pride!


  11. Heaven! I was so surprised by all the different drag queens that call themselves Sister Roma "Something"... But I caught on.

  12. Oh LAWD! You knocked it out of the park with this one. You have great taste, kid. That Jody Watley and then Bananarama... I am in heaven. What a great way to spend an early stormy Monday morning here in Minneapolis. Love every damn song. Martha Wash... Grrrrr. Hope you are feeling lovely as you are and thank you for making my day. Shine on...

  13. Bob the Drag Queen and Heidi's outfits -- WOW!

  14. OMG!! Very colorful for an
    early Monday morning!
    take care, xoxo :-)

  15. All most excellent songs to sum up Pride!!!!! You got me dancing this AM! Didn't you do a routine to the Madison Avenue Song???

  16. Martha Wash, Gay Pride and dancing just go hand in hand! How can it not.

    Fun post! And If I recall wasn't Michelle Visage in the Soul System from her girl band split?

  17. I like them all gurl, but that Jody one really sums it up. I have really grown to like nice to see you included Lady Fingers in the line up.

    Happy Pride Mistress

  18. Ahhhhh you included me the your pride party!!!!! You right, it is rather hard to keep good bitches down. We aren't going anywhere!

  19. happy gay pride fruitcakes!!!!! good song list Mistress


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