Thursday, May 9, 2019



…..but were the judges on RuPaul's Drag Race present tonight??? I will admit to being a bit outraged at the show tonight.The first thing was the upsetting decision to send Nina West home. 

Not only is she a real sweetheart, but was on fire the last few weeks. Even though she dropped the ball on Shuga Cane's make over into her likeness, and the fashion could have been more glam, there was no doubt in my mind her lip synch was more clean, and her ensemble better made. She should have been the one to stay.  We still love you Nina and you'll always have my support girl!!!!!!

Silky Ganache.

 Silky, with exception to her beat face...her looks are not pulled together well. Even during the lip synch things were falling off. Did the judges and Ru not see that??? And no offense, but her attitude stinks for a drag queen. I also think it very unfair of the treatment Vanjie gets week after week for style, wardrobe and "being herself", yet no call outs this fa,r till recently, about Silky. Silky should have been gone already. Now I have no doubt the judges want Brooke Lynn, Yvie, Silky and A'keria in the top 4.

Another thing. Shockingly and outrageously, Vanjie was not declared the winner this week, who in my opinion should have been. First off, to have somehow work and make over Ariel, should be the winner just for that!!! Ariel has a very trademark look, and to have the talent to make her over so well was a amazing.  Instead it was Brooke Lynn! 

Surprisingly, Nina showed a lot of rhythm in her dancing while Silky flopped back and forth across the stage attempting splits and high kicks and climbing on the back wall. In the end, Ru’s response was “meh” and somehow chose Silky as the winner that would remain in the competition. I’m………. confused. Is that one of the worst decisions of the season? Of… ever?! 


  1. The Buffoonery, Riggery and Straight Up Tomfoolery! I need a break. The show needs a break. Ru and her choices this season proves she most definitely needs a break.

  2. I totally agree with what your saying. Second week in a row Ru made the wrong decision. When are we finally going to be rid of Sulky Ganache? While I don't think Nina would've taken the crown, she should still be there for final four.

  3. Not a huge fan of Silky but I understand why Ru keeps her around, she has screen presence and knows how to make the story about her. The rest of the queens (minus Nina, Shuga and Vanjie) are boring and forgettable. Just like this season.

  4. I call politics and b.s. vanjie should have won the challenge and there is NO WAY in hell Nina should have been sent home… sick of silky getting by on her annoying personality and same tired looks…

  5. The show is till ok, but like many other reality shows like Project Runway, Survivor, The Bachelor and's past it's expiration date.

    1. I personally think she should do a 12th season, and then for the 13th season bring back all 13 season winners to compete for the Best Drag Superstar. Now THAT would be entertaining.

  6. I never really questioned the judging on all the other seasons but this is the THIRD one, this season I don’t agree with. Vanjie should have won. I think Evie should have been in the bottom and she would have kicked silky to the curb. Even so I think Nina won. Silky at one point didn’t know the words to the song, got tangled for a while in her hair and did look like a walrus. She almost didn’t make it off the floor. OH, and part of her out fit fell off and almost tripped her. Anyone else...Ariel Versace... would have gone home, and did on that performance. I call BS too.

  7. Rupaul needs to hang it up. When you show up at the Met Ball and not in drag, and not that campy at all....hang it up girl. I personally think each season is getting less entertaining.

  8. I have never liked Silky and am stunned about Nina; she was, as you said, on fire!

  9. See, this is why I stick to baking competition shows. No bitching, people being helpful and usually the right people win. I have no fabulousness at all, but I know what I like.
    "Listening" to you guys, I'm thinking Silky Ganache should be downgraded (or whatever) to Koko Krispy. I'm still not watching this show.

  10. I call bullshit. It WAS the worst shante live seen in RPDR.
    Nina West is a better performer, can pull off more polished, thought out looks and comes across as much more caring and relatable than Silky. Silky can do one face and make it through every episode by screaming at people. She’s mean and unaware. I would never paid to watch Silky lip sync. I would pay to watch Nina stone her tights.
    If Silky is top four, I’m gonna be PISSED.



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