Tuesday, May 21, 2019


Our Grande Dame this week is international, bitches! 

 Hailing from Sydeny Austrilia is Rhuma Hazzet.  Not only does Rhuma Hazzet have one of the hands down best names in all of drag, but the talent and beauty to back it up. She does not have a "standard" look, as each appearance is a new "Rhuma experience".  Cute, elegant, glamorous, fierce- nobody knows what to expect. Rhuma's looks and the way she presents herself in drag set her apart from other queens, and she doesn't go out when she's not looking like a 10/10. Rhuma has an outrageously impressive drag career, for only doing drag since around 2011. Rhuma is used to big crowds, performing with her closest sisters in front of audiences of over 10,000. Rhuma and one of her sisters Ivy Leagueee took the DIVA (Drag Industry Variety Awards) Outstanding Moment Of The Year 2012 for their performance at Sydney's Marquee night club, and even danced alongside Katy Perry during her Sydney Concert.She has been hosting Room Service in Sydney, and has a number of exciting upcoming performances including a huge Sydney party in October this year alongside The Freemasons.  I wouldn't mind seeing that!
And Rhuma, looking very cute with the lovely Vanity Fair. Vanity is a quite the wig designer. If a queen has done drag for a period of time, chances are they have a Vanity creation. I had one made from her,  and now bequeathed to the zany Pearly Gates.
And here's Rhuma along with Ivy Leaguee and Sooki Bitch. I love the retro 60's moves and the fem bots realness. These are the kind of drag routines I love.


  1. The mane is everything.
    She’s stunning. Love the glam-camp combo.
    The video is a hoot!


  2. Certainly not "just a boy in a dress"!

  3. There's something about Down Under that makes me wanna go visit and indulge in everything down under, if you know what I mean.

  4. I love the name, too, but when I saw that first phot, I thought it was Adore Delano and she'd cleaned herself up a bit,

  5. I do love me some classic looks!

  6. Again...the transformation is incredible. Loved the routine. I love drag like that.

  7. Very convincing-looking.

  8. I am in awe. And, yes, the name is brilliant.


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