Tuesday, December 17, 2019


The Pearl S. Buck House, formerly known as Green Hills Farm, is the 67-acre homestead here in Bucks County right up the road from the Cas du Borghese, where Nobel-prize-winning American author Pearl Buck lived for 50 years, raising her family, writing, pursuing humanitarian interests, and gardening. She purchased the house in 1933 and lived there until the late 1960s, when she moved to Danby, Vermont. She completed many works while on the farm, including finishing touches on The Good Earth, This Proud Heart, The Patriot, Today and Forever, and The Child Who Never Grew. The farm, a National Historic Landmark now, and is a beautiful property. It is now a museum open to the public. This year in addition to the five homes I decorate, I was invited by another friend to decorate two of the rooms in their Annual Festival of Trees at the Pearl S. Buck House.  The Festival of Trees is one of the most unique and historic holiday traditions in Bucks County so I was tickled to be able to par take. Each year during this festival, the rooms of Pearl Buck’s iconic stone farmhouse come alive with the glow of holiday decorations. The event showcases beautiful trees and vignettes designed and decorated by some of Bucks County’s best artists, decorators, and local community groups to convey the spirit of Pearl S. Buck’s legacy as an author, activist, and humanitarian. What a fun project to be able to do this year. I was invited to do the library and a adjoining stone hallway. 
It was sort of cool knowing she one day long ago typed from that desk and wrote some of her stories in this very room.
Other parts of the houses looked very festive as well.
It was a hectic time doing clients homes this year...so the added addition of this only added more time tied up decorating....but how could I pass doing this up. And I do enjoy decorating. We only hope Pearl likes what we did.


  1. Very festive and a good job by you
    on your rooms. xoxoxoxxo :-)

  2. Wow looks just like the inside of my house!

    Yeah right I wish!

  3. All these years I lived in the area, I have yet see that house...and the Good Earth is one of my favorite books. It all looks so pretty.

    1. You should go Agnes.....its an interesting place.and the tour is very good. Knowledgeable guides.

  4. What Anne Marie said.

  5. That's a cool tidbit...I never knew she lived in Bucks County. It would be interesting to see the house one day. Nice to be in the room decorating it too I bet, looks great.

  6. Cap Chasen12/17/2019

    Very interesting and beautiful! What a beautiful home. The grounds look immaculate. Very nice. A nice cultural center in you own backyard. I have three of her books.

  7. Good for you!!! It was so festive like your home. The house is a treat to see I bet. The history is so interesting. A pleasant way to spend the afternoon.

  8. Wow! I've never heard of this author but I will do some research. The house is beautifully preserved, isn't it.
    All the decorations look fabulous but your have a certain nostalgia about them, more in keeping with the character of the house. Oh my stars! That typewriter!

  9. Lovely. Lovely!
    They had done a great job keeping the house intact. And the xmas decor is soooo pretty! Visiting houses like this is such a great experience.


  10. Magic. You live in a fascinating place. And that’s my kind of house.

  11. Amazing work, I left decorating to J this year, he is so much more meticulous than I am


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