Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sore about Santa

Last night while I was blog reading I came across this funny post from Corey James from over at Madtexter a blog that I find very interesting and filled with much hilarity, wrote a very disgruntled letter to Santa. You can read the letter here. He is very upset about not getting a reply from the fatso. Sorry, his words not mine. But I can't say I blame him either. You never get a reply. Just like a man I told him in his comments. I also said he is just like many men the Mistress had relations with back in the day. He always shows up late, then eats all your damn food and milk, then treats you like a ho, comes only once, then leaves you while your sleeping!!! You needs it? I agree with Corey. If he is going to be rude and un-etiquette, and just use us,then, unless he looks like this, he can keep his ass up at the north pole!!!


  1. You are too damn funny girl! I'll have to check out Madtexter more that post he did was very funny.

  2. Now I find it hard to believe that you of all people would have a problem with a man playing with your sugar plums! You make me laugh with this stuff.

  3. Why Mistress, who knew you were so naughty! True, but naughty!

  4. If he did look like that he could do anything he wanted to me! Very funny post. Madtexter is pretty damn funny also. I may be hooked!

  5. Coco de Mere12/14/2009

    Oh girl, he wasn't the first one to treat you like a ho!


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