Sunday, December 20, 2009

Scenes Around Town

Well we survived. We ended up with about 12 or 13 inches, of snow that is. It started later than the weather people thought. It was a great day to continue the baking while watching the snow. The pictures are from a Philadelphia web site. Beautiful pictures. We even got out later in the day.

After dinner and the cookies were made we decided to finally venture out and see how Buster Bolfig would do in the snow. He loved it! Unsure at first, but non the less loved it. It was a nice, but bitter cold walk as it was about 19 degrees out. Yea we won't be seeing "the boys" for days. When we got in the Mistress got out her favorite hot chocolate from Williams Sonoma. It is the best ever. Of course the Mistress always doctors it up just a bit.

Aniversario. I only drink this special rum on special occasions. A good friend's husband brought it back from Venezuela for moi to par take of, and I have been enjoying it ever since. I wish you could buy it here in the states. It brings a smile to my face. And boy did it warm us up. Tootles!


  1. Beautiful pictures! Glad you were able to get out and about...cabin fever is no fun. XOXO

  2. It only counts if it is a Snow Day! I think another day of hot chocolate + is called for...

  3. That's about 3" too much for this size queen but sounds cozy for cookie baking!

    Tell the Boy Toy to look for a package Tuesday if they can get it to his office.

  4. Girl, that is exactly what it looked like too. Blustery and cold as hell, and this bitch was out in it! It is pretty though. Two days later I'm over it though. I have the feeling their was alot of drinking going on at your place.

  5. Mistress Maddie #1 Fan12/21/2009

    You guys got hit much more than we did. Yea, South American Rum? You were so blitzed! I have had that stuff. It will knock you on your ass.

  6. I see you like your rum like your men. Dark, smooth and South Americian! The pictures are great. I ALMOST wish I was there to see the snow.


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