Monday, December 14, 2009

Bob Has Tickled Me....and I'm Laughing

The Mistress received the Circle of Friends seal from the sweet Bob over at I Should Be Laughing and I was very tickled to receive such a honor. I think I even tinkled a little! Bob is usually my one stop read for gay news, updates, and gay political news, since I don't watch much tv. I like the way he writes and gets right to the point. He also posts some very cute pictures of his cats and dogs from time to time, who all sound like a cast of characters. And the best is his rants on stupid asshats, from the likes of Oprah to Paris to Kate to Lindsy to political asshats and on and on. And I usually tend to agree with him on them. Be sure to check him out. I guess now I'm to tell you five things I enjoy ,and then give the seal to five blogs I enjoy. Which is really hard, since I enjoy many.
Here it goes, things I like to do.( I'll leave the sex part out. LOL!)

1-Cook. I love to cook, more than bake. I use recipes or not, and often make things that I think just sound good. I like to cook more in the fall and winter more so than in the spring and summer. Comfort foods, Gotta live them. And the use of many spices and fresh herbs is a good thing.

2-Interior Design. Many may not know this but my original background is in interior design. I still follow periodicals to keep up with he trends and have done rooms for designer show houses from time to time. I worked for a firm for a while right out of design school, but it went under a year later. I enjoy most styles and love grand scale furniture. And architecture, don't get me started. I have often thought of starting up a free lance design service again, but I'm not sure just yet with the economy this is the right time.

3-Travel. I love to travel and anywhere is fine for me to see. Whether it is a weekend getaway or a two week trip I'm happy. I even like just day trips or getting out exploring my local surroundings.

4-Drag Queens. I just enjoy drag queens to no extent. And I'm talking the real queens, not the pageant divas. It takes so much time and effort to pull together the alter ego for a night.When I did drag years ago ,a whole other side came out. That ho did things I would never imagine. While the Mistress still makes appearances from time to time, I'm leaving it to the newer queens now. It is just a neat and entertaining art form, and I love me some art and fashion. The best of both worlds.

5-Old Hollywood. I just love me some old Hollywood. I would much rather watch old movies on AMC or TMC anytime and I'll be just happy as a calm. I also like to read books on old Hollywood and read the stars biographies. This new Hollywood doesn't even compare to the old days. They needed some real talent then. Act, sing and dance. How many these days can do all three well? And the style they had.

Now, for the five blogs I'll pass the Circle of friends on too. A very hard choice.

1-Ginger over at The Fabulous Blog of Miss Ginger Grant. It is always interesting to get a fellow drag queens view on all things related to dating, southern food, and all things Krewe. And how can we forget all her style sessions on the stars. And then there's her funny out takes on current events and all her organizing know hows.

2-Lenorenevermore. Her tag line is respect the past,admire the new,love the present. I just started reading her blog and I'm also enthralled with her blog. Since I like travel she always takes us on her daily trips and her extended business trips. It's like going along with her. And it is a visually stunning blog with vintage pictures, fashion and some nice music. The one thing I love about her most is she finds beauty in just the simplest of things and lives each day to the fullest. I think that is cool. She could find a vacation in her own back yard.

3-David Dust. Lets face it. If not for David or Mame, I would have not started a blog. He was my inspiration. David's blog is a must every day for this ho. I have always liked his mix of recaps, very hot men, pop culture items,and just the right amount of news and politics. Not to mention the videos and mad cap laughs and lets not forget the best part, the snarky recaps of reality shows. Hell, I don't even watch half of them, but I still laugh when I read them! I love ya girl!

4-Corey James from Madtexter. Madtexter's blog is just a plain old good time. He finds hilarity in everyday items, news bits, and events. And I love me a good sense of humor. I also like the fact their are personal stories some good old cooking, and stories from yester year. Yea, he is a daily must. I also get a good laugh, whether I need it on not.

5-Eric at Daventry Blue. Eric 's blog is another new one I just started to read this year. Eric is a author and is always sharing his stories with us. But what I like most are his songs of the day, which are always songs I remember hearing and haven't heard in some time. His Hot Shots, which are always right up my alley. Most times they give me tingles in the nether! And I also enjoy his silly film list and also his personal stories from his life. He too is a real inspiration.Eric has also renewed my will to read books again -without pictures! And he also has some of the latest writer news and upcoming movies news with trailers sometimes.

So there you have it. This was very hard to pick just five as I really love all the blogs I follow,otherwise they wouldn't be in my blog list. But I urge y'all to read these blogs, because they are all swell blogs and are all entertaining and you'll find some great blog friends. And thanks again Bob for the honor! Tootles.


  1. Awesome! Thank you so very much :-)

  2. Loved the list.
    I didn't know about the design stuff, although now, after seeing your store designs and home decorating, it seems quite obvious you have that special flair.
    And I'm with you on the cooking and Old Hollywood!
    Loved it.

  3. Anonymous12/14/2009

    Congrats on the Tickle!! You recommended very good blogs. I read them all!

  4. Maddie, I would so hire you to do my house over again...the whole damn thing. it would take a very very long time, you would have to move here and live near me, and after such long long days of hard work, we'd have to hit a bar and have a cock-a-tail or 10....


  5. Mistress how nice of Bob was that to give you a award. I will have to check out his blog. And I enjoyed reading more about you as well. Very diverse background. I had no idea about the interior design.

  6. How nice of that Bob! You have had this blog now almost two years? And I 'm still learning things about you and I think it is still very intresting. You never know what or who will pop up. And I will have to check out these other blogs. Nice post girl!

  7. Mistress Maddie #1 Fan12/14/2009

    How fun Mistress. We will have to do bussiness with my architecture and your interior design! And for the record I would have thrown in the sex! Just say'in.

  8. Congrats :o) Bob is a peach.

  9. BETH- If I came to do your house it would be like Eldin and Murphy Brown. I would be there for years doing things over and then doing them over again! And you want to drink too! Oh Lord!


  10. Very intresting post! I never knew about half those things, but now they don't suprise me either. I should hire you for some design work.

  11. Nice list of favorites. And I would have included the sex! If your good at it and enjoy it, why not put it in!!!

  12. Congrats on the award! I got it from Kyle at Out Left...we really ARE a circle of friends, aren't we?

    That's really interesting that you're fascinated by too, although I'm not well-versed in it. Of course, being from the Midwest, I'm enamored of Frank Lloyd Wright (there are even two of his houses in my smallish city), but when I really got interested was my first trip to New Orleans. I loved reading about the shotgun houses and Creole cottages and others, and the reason for some of the design features. I think it's fascinating how a climate can affect architecture! XOXO

  13. Congrats on the award! Interesting list too.


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