Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Grande Dame of the Week

The healthy green leaf herself....Hedda Lettuce!

Hedda brands herself as the world's first eco-friendly drag queen! Hedda has been entertaining since before this ho can remember, and she is just sick and hilarious, and acclaimed for her poised characters, startling satire, and original music. She just lures you in at one of her shows with her funny scenarios on stage with her shimmering wit. Hedda has been in cabaret venues all over New York City, to many to mention, and always takes part in high-profile charity events like Broadway Bares. And for her work is why we love her. She can be currently seen in her show Lettuce Rejoice at the Metropolitan Room. Dates can be found at her site Hedda Lettuce.


  1. I just love Hedda Lettuce! I love the fact that she wears green for the most part in keeping up with her name. She's crazy!

  2. damn, i would throw on a dress if I could get michael Lucas on his knees in front of me!

  3. Love me some Hedda! I keep forgetting that she is a he! Very classy, I like a diva who can hold a room of hunks!

  4. What a great choice for this week! Some great Christmas photos of her. I love Hedda. She has done some great charitable work for our community.

  5. Mistress Maddie #1 Fan12/18/2009

    I have seen her cabret like three times already since I have been living in New York. Her show is a knock out!

  6. How can you not love Hedda? Great choice.


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