Friday, December 18, 2009

I Love Nuts

The Mistress has always been a lover of the nuts! I love the small nuts,the big ones, I love the black ones and the brown ones too. And my favorite nuts are the Brazilian ones. And I love picking just the right shaped nut and giving it a good twirl of the fingers before I pop it in my mouth to savor. Get your mind out of the gutter people! I'm talking about the nuts that are in the ground and off the trees,not the ones attached to some really hot hunk.

Although they are a favorite too. No,I love this time of year to place a big bowls of nuts out so we and our company can crack the little suckers and eat them. And they are good for you. I stopped the other day at the market to get my supply of mixed nuts for the holidays. I usually go way over board buying way to many. After Christmas whatever is left, will go out in the yard for our very friendly squirrel, Bouvier. He enjoys them so. But what's more fun is cracking them. And this time of year most people have a beautiful nut cracker to put out on a mantle and table somewhere in there home. Standing nutcrackers were metal ,iron or wooden in the forms of soldiers and kings in the Sonneberg and Erzgebirge regions of Germany by 1800's and in 1830,the term Nuusknacker appeared in the dictionary of the Brothers Grimm. It was defined as 'often in the form of a misshaped little man,in whose mouth the nut by means of a lever or screw, is cracked open." These first nutcrackers did not appear until 17th century and were at first simple designs,however it wasn't long before these various designs of nutcrackers arrived.

Today,many wooden toy soldier nutcrackers are manufactured in Germany to meet the demand of the many collectors in the US,who can find designs in the characters from the ballet as well as hundreds of other designs.

While the Mistress and the Boy-Toy don't own a wooden nutcracker we have one that probably most people have. I have always found the faces to be just a bit creepy on those soldier and king nutcrackers. What do you think?


  1. The boys, when younger, turned my two nutcrackers into flying transformers and became veterans of many pitched battles. My favorite nutcracker, Twitchy our 'pet' outdoor squirrel.

  2. Bitch -

    You ARE nuts!!!!


  3. My legs crossed as I read this entry :o)

  4. Anonymous12/18/2009

    Cashews are my favorites. They are very dangerous to have around. I don't even let myself buy them, because I can't control myself!!

  5. I am soooo shocked that you love nuts! I do too. We should share stories on this one!!!

  6. I have alway found both varitey of nuts to be good for ones health!

  7. You'd love living in Germany; so many nuts, and so many nutcrackers. They invented nutcrackers over here, after all.
    Like the pic of those dolls! :-)
    Merry Xmas,

  8. I know you love yourself some nuts. I'm so shocked.

  9. I tend to really like the big nuts. Oh, were talking about real ones? Their good too.

  10. Yes Maddie, I think ALL your readers like nuts! ;-)

  11. Anonymous3/14/2010

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