Saturday, December 5, 2009

One of My Favorite Things

I just plain love candles. And especially at Christmas. It just adds to the ambiance and adds that warm touch. And I burn tons of them. Part of the reason I have so many darn candles is that I hoarded a ton of them every time I go to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. There is a candle factory outlet called Keystone Candle in Harrisburg that I often visit. I've shopped there a LOT over the years as they sell candles and accessories of all sorts. And cheap! The over sized votives are about $4 a dozen and you could mix and match any color or scent you wanted. I’d buy and burn about a three dozen a month. I seriously stocked up before I came home this time.

And this is only half of them this visit. I have shopped the store most times and have also ordered on-line. I could spend hours looking in the store as their is so much too see.

The main page of the Keystone site is on the busy side. There is tons of text information about each of the different types of candles and products they sell as well as testimonials. Look past the clutter and click on one of the categories to be whisked away to all the products that fall into that category. Keystone sells every kind of candle you can imagine; votives, jars, cakes, scented and unscented tapers and pillars, textured pillars, pies, tarts, tins, and tea lites. They even make personalized labels for jar and tin candles for special occasions like weddings, reunions, and events of that nature. In addition to the huge selection of candles, Keystone has also gotten into other scented products, such as diffusers and scents and accessories like holders, bowls, cups, and wick trimmers. They really have everything you can think of related to candles. The images are clear and generously sized so you get a good idea of what the items actually look like. Scented candles are available in many different scent and color combinations. These are listed in the drop-down list associated with each candle. There are 91 scents from which to choose; floral, bakery, fruits, herbal, perfumes, and more. But best of all, the candles are outstanding. They are highly-scented and colored through and through. The wicks are always nice and straight so the candles burn evenly all the way down. Burn times are really good as well; they burn for a good long time. I used to buy all kinds of candles from others retailers but to date none have the scent power of Keystone's Candles. The scents are also very true to the scent. For Christmas this year I went with the Balsam Pine, Mistletoe and Holly, and Christmas Essence. Together when lit, they smell soooooooo nice! I can hardly wait to get the decorating under way. Bottom Line, I’m always very happy with all the candles I order from I’ve tried lots of different scents, sizes, and styles and have been happy with all of my purchases. Shipping is fast and customer service is very friendly. Tootles!


  1. Anonymous12/05/2009

    Wow! Now THAT is a candle wonderland! I too love, love, love candles. I burn them almost every evening all year. If there's a candle next to me, I'll light it.

    (Besides, everything looks better in candlelight, if you know what I mean, dear.)

  2. I am IN LOVE with my Sandalwood candles. Thanks for sending them!!


  3. I'm in love with candles also. I should check out their site. Bath and Body works use to make a candle called Campfire. I loved it. Smelled just like one.

  4. Coco de Mere12/06/2009

    Girl, you know I love myself some Keystone Candles. If your in Harrisburg and in the know, everyone gets there candles from Keystone!

  5. I rememeber you talking of the place before, but not in such depth. Thanks, I'll have to check out thier site. I CANNOT STAND candles that don't hold their scent. I can have a candle lit for hours, and not smell it. I know you love them, so I'll have to try them.

  6. Mame- You are more than welcome! Enjoy and be in good health!


  7. Are you home when they deliver the candles you order online? ;-)

    You're quite the spokesman for these candles! I'll check them out.


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