Monday, December 7, 2009

Decking the Halls

So the Mistress decided to take it easy this weekend and not go clubbing. I didn't want a nasty relapse of the little bug I had last week. And with some impending Christmas parties to tend to, I opted to stay home and get my affairs in order like my Christmas card list, some market shopping, a little closet organizing, and taking some of the old frocks and wares to the Goodwill. I also started to go through all the holiday finery and take stock in what is needed for the tree. Like the damn lights that were packed oh so careful last year, but somehow never work the next year. I will probably do the tree with the help of the Boy-Toy and Buster Bolfig later this week. This weekend I started some of my fresh pine arrangements. The one in particular was the one on top of the armoire in the living room. It looks hard but it is very simple.

I started with my favorite urn.

All the pines were cut with snippers and brought in to soak in cool water in the sink. In the center of the urn I placed a water tight container.

Next I inserted the pines in the urn. I wanted the longer pieces to the left side on purpose so they would cascade downward once placed on top of the armoire. After they were done, I placed a nest in the center of the arrangement with a cardinal overlooking her eggs.

Now to place in the living room. I also added some red balls dangling to some of the pine for some sparkle, and they will also tie together with the tree once it is up.

I always like to decorate in stages so their isn't too much to do all at once. But when last night came a was a wee bit exhausted. So we had dinner and lit the new candles!

Now if I can just get finished up this week and bring this baby home. Tootles!


  1. Hell, I couldn't even do something that simple. Can you come decorate my house now? That's beautiful for being simple.

  2. Anonymous12/07/2009

    Looks wonderful! Ho Ho Ho!

  3. Lovely! You are so talented!!!

  4. I'm with Mahogany, can you come and do my house, it needs help.

  5. Wow,I never would have thought to do something with simple branches like that. Your good with those hands aren't you?

  6. Using the fresh pine gives your home a nice, seasonal smell in addition to looking tres fab.


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