Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Funny Joanne Worley

I love JoAnne Worley. She was so damn funny on Laugh-In. I used to watch the reruns thinking this woman is completely nuts! Worley was the Broadway ingenue who was the stand in for Carol Channing in Hello Dolly, but Carol never missed a performance. But this brassy comedienne wouldn't go unnoticed for long, and she later took off to cult stardom in Rowan and Martian's Laugh-In. I came across this recent new interview with her, and she is still loud and funny as hell with all that same energy!


  1. I recently caught her on the Bonnie Hunt Show and she hasn't changed a lick from the Laugh-In days!

  2. I love Ms Worley! What a wonderful woman with that smile and laugh and stlye!

  3. I love her too!


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