Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tag! The Mistress is It

I have been chosen by the beautiful and fabulous Miss Ginger Grant to receive the Honest Blogger Award. Thanks you so much Miss Ginger!!! If you haven't read her blog yet or even met Miss G yet, check out her funny blog. I will have the privilege to meet her at the end of the month in New York City. Miss Thing is always up to something and has the Mistress in stitches with some of her stories! And you can't forget her Style Sessions! Her blog The Fabulous Blog of Miss Ginger Grant is worth checking out, the Mistress says so! Now, Ladies and Germs on to my list.

1- The Mistress is right now a visual stylist by trade. But my original background and degree is in Interior Design. Before that, I really at one time wanted to be a archaeologist. Finding and studying ancient artifacts and bones always fascinated me to no end.

2-The Mistress loves all music. But most of my friends are shocked when I tell them I LOVE classical ,opera and jazz! Yes people, the Mistress doesn't like just house music.

3- While I don't mind heights, and have a gift certificate to go up in a hot air balloon ride to schedule, I HATE driving over really,really high bridges! Can't do it. I will pull off the road first and make my passenger drive over it.Talk about getting white knuckles.

4-Speaking of fears- I am deathly afraid of toads, frogs and ventriloquist dolls. I would hyper-ventilate if I was trapped in a room with any of these things. I can't even look at a picture of ventriloquist dolls without panicking. And someone once threw a toad at me in a pool at our friend's house the Ranch and have hated toads and frogs ever since!

5-My favorite animal is the peacock. They are so beautiful and regal. When we eventually have a house I swear the Mistress will have one as a pet. And when she gives gifts there is always a trade mark peacock feather on everything the Mistress gives.

6- The Mistress was a minx! Up till she met the Boy-Toy she was right there with Samantha Wells. I loved men and more men! She went through them like tissues. When she finally met the Boy-toy everyone said to him good luck with that one! Well, he did tame me as much as he could. There will always be some minx left.

7-My name. Mistress came about when I dated and went out with guys unaware they had other halves. So I became a "mistress" several times. Borghese. That was the cosmetics line a used when I did drag back then. And Maddie for Madeline, I have no idea, but it stuck. Mistress Madeline Borghese!

8- I'm a huge exhibitionist. Now mind ya, I don't have the body of a model, but I don't have any complaints either. I have no problem getting naked and have even been known to pull out the family jewels!!! And I, by no means am a nudist, but I think nudity is a natural thing.

9-I one time sent Joan Rivers flowers. She was in Harrisburg for a comedy tour and was staying in a hotel my friend worked at. I had read her book out at the time and was moved by her life and the passing of her husband. My friend made sure she personally got the flowers. And she gave him a thank you note back. It was awesome.

10- I love underwear. I love calvins, cing, ginches and 2xist. I love the styles of them and probably have more than I will ever wear. Every time I go shopping, I'm like a little old lady and buy another pair. And no comment from you Boy-Toy!

So there you have ten things about me. Thank you again Miss G and I hope it wasn't a TMI moment! It was fun to do. Tootles!


  1. exhibitionist! I knew I loved you for a reason! Well more than one, but that one moved you up a couple notches!

  2. Good list.
    I'm with you on #2 and #10, and I worry about the day some comic comes up with a Frog Dummy. Boy-Toy might have to peel you off the ceiling!

  3. ooooh you ARE a bad girl! does this mean I'll be meeting Mr Happy in NYC??? ;)


  4. Very intresting list! You should so come hang out with my group when you guys come out here. We alway get naked, and if your showing the jewels- well then!

  5. Batina5/14/2009

    The studt of bones and finding them would be neat. Your the first person I know that wanted to do that! Cool.

  6. You sure are a intresting person Mistress. And scandalous! Running around nude? Oh my! I love peacocks also they are quite pretty. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Mistress Maddie #1 Fan5/14/2009

    What a great list of things to know about you. I never would have guessed about the flashing thing! Really? You are quite racey aren't you. And underwear. Who needs them.

  8. Dan- hell if that's all it took you should have just said so!!! LOL!

    Beth- if the gin keeps pouring you never know!

    Cali-Boi- you are very bad! Me like it. Could your gang handle us?

  9. Oh, dear, I have 8 bullfrogs in the pond right now! But no ventriloquist dolls...

  10. Boy Toy5/14/2009

    The high bridge thing is totally true. On trips to the beach, the Mistress has been known to stop the car, force a switch, and only then (freed of responsibility) will she take off her clothes to amuse passing truckers while in the passenger's seat.

  11. Hmmm, let's see if #8 is true during DDBW!! :-)


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