Tuesday, May 12, 2009

He's No Dummy

I don't get to brag much, but earlier tonight the Boy-Toy got inducted into a honor society at the college that he is attending. Congratulations sweet cheeks! My Boy-Toy has worked very hard at college getting his degree, all the while still working full-time! No easy task,and you throw in that mix the Mistress's antics, and it makes for a full slate. No I'm am really quite proud of him. And not only is he easy on the eyes ,but smart. You see, the Boy-Toy is different from the previous Boy-Toys. The Mistress would just give them comic books to read, and sometimes she even had to read those to them!!! Of course, I wasn't interested in them for their smarts! So with this Boy-Toy, I turned a new leaf and got a cute and smart one! I am amazed everyday what knowledge he knows and it all seems to come easy to him. So congratulations again! Only a couple more classes to go! I'm am very proud.


  1. Great news! I'm proud of him and of you for branching out to a smart one! What's he majoring in?

  2. Congratulations to the Boy Toy!

  3. Anonymous5/13/2009

    Please pass on my congrats! Will we be invited to the graduation party?

  4. As Judge Judy is apt to say, Beauty fades, dumb is forever.
    i'll take a smart man any day....course, if he's cute, too, it's a win-win.
    Congrats to the Boy-Toy!

  5. wait a damn minute here.....cute AND smart???!!! you hit the Mother Load Mistress!!!

    Congrats Boy-Toy!!!!


  6. Congrats dear!!


  7. That's great new for the Boy-Toy! You guys should come to center city to celabrate this weekend!

  8. Joy- he is going for bussiness communcations for his masters.

    Michael- All are welcome to come party with us. It would be a blast.

    Beth- he he! No pun intended huh?

  9. Congrats to the BoyToy!!

  10. Boy Toy5/14/2009

    Very embarrassing. Wish he wouldn't do that. But thank you, everyone. :)


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