Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Real Desperate Housewives of New Jersey

Now if the Mistress lived in a household with the Boy-Toy and Kailyn with only one television set, I'd be screwed! Between the both of them they would have reality shows on 24/7. I don't watch too many of those shows but somehow I got hooked on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. After seeing the first show I was hooked. And what a train wreck it looks like it will be. I didn't watch the housewives of Orange County or Atlanta, but I did watch the New York seasons, which were pretty good so I thought what the heck. I'm not sure what I think, except I like Caroline the best.

She is the only reason I'll probably watch. Her family is pretty entertaining and there will be some laughs there. She seems like the coolest mom and she also seems like a pretty hip mom. And lets be honest, I'm really watching to see her very handsome son Albie!

Her sister Dina seems to me like a real center of attention/pain in the ass.

She doesn't seem to be the kind of mom to pack a luncheon loaf sandwich for the kid to take to school. Rumors are flying her husband doesn't want anything to do with the show, and there is also speculation he is not that "into her"!?! WTF. Next up is Theresa.

Is the Mistress the only one to think she looks like she used to be a man? Maybe she just needs a little electrolysis done on the upper lip. And she is currently building a new home and is furnishing the place. Does she put any thought in to the furnishings, or pick things that mean something to her, or does she just pick things out at random to fill the house to just have things? And what was with paying the $123,000 in cash for the stuff? Lets see, her husband is in construction and they live in Jersey. Hmmmm. Something smells fishy. I don't think I would cross them. You may end up with a pair of Jersey concrete shoes. Jacqueline is the next one.

To tell you the truth, Jacqueline seems like the low key of all of them. I don't even remember her much from the first two shows except that she is the sister-in-law of one of them and that she wears her clothes too tight. It's like squeezing 10 pounds of luncheon loaf in a 5 pound baggie! And finally there is Danielle.

This one seems like she is going to have a lot a baggage come along with her. And she also seems like she could be the ho of the group. But I will say she has an incredible body for her age! The season looks like it will be filled with all kinds of drama and good old cat fights. I already can't wait for the fight where the table flips over from Theresa getting into it with Caroline. This show looks like it could be right out of Jackie Collins's book Lady Boss. Are any of you watching? What's your opinion?


  1. You know I'm watching this train wreck. And yeah, I had some questions about Theresa's husband's occupation. Just seemed a little strange. And I know that you would be checking out Caroline's son. Jacqueline might still have a bit of that baby weight on from her recent miscarriage.

  2. I don't watch these but like your descriptions of the wives. I'll read what you write about them and enjoy that part.

  3. Mistress, I couldn't agree more. While I did watch the New York gals, I think New Jersey will be full of trash and drama. Thersa does look like a man, or at least a tranny! LOL! And girl, you aren't lying about Albie. I like me a nice clean cut Jersey boy!!!

  4. Kailyn- I should have guessed you were watching this. But you have to agree Albis is HOT!

  5. Having actually been a housewife for a number of years I never saw that much cleavage around the playground, ever!

    Don't watch but I like to read about them.

  6. I couldn't do the OC--too much boobs, blonds and Botox.
    I couldn't do Atlanta--too much Kim.
    I can't do NJ--too much trash.
    But I loves me some RHNY.

    "Bethenny stooooop!"

  7. Totally addicted to this!! I also can't wait for the scene where the table flips. I keep finding these articles on the families 'connections'... have posted some links below. This is definatly going to be an interesting season! Can't wait to read your recaps...

  8. ya, I'm watching this train wreck too....the chick who did the phone sex thing? creepy! her face creeps me out! and I wouldn't mess with Albie if I were you just never know about those "construction people"...I had some uncles in "construction".....

    this is one show I do not want to miss!!!

  9. I would so hit Albie! He is the only reason I'm watching too. His mom does seem cool though.

  10. Marissia Devine5/21/2009

    It looks like they want to be the New York group but are trying to hard. And who the hell is Jackie? I don't even remember her. Ya, it does scream mob doesn't it?

  11. Bob- That is funny as hell! I tend to agree that the New York Housewives is by far the best!

    Jojo- Welcome aboard! Thanks for the links I'll check them out.

  12. I'm sorry, but I can not stand any of those 'Real Housewives' shows. To me its like watching a room full of spoiled rotten teenaged b*tches.

  13. Mark- I think you hit the nail on the head!

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