Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekends Fly By,Have You Noticed

Is it me or do the weekends fly by? I really do enjoy my job, but I wish just once the week would fly by and the weekend drag nice and slowly. We all had a very nice weekend here. The weather was perfect with a little rain on Saturday. And we got our grocery and market trips out of the way and are we ever stocked up now! The berry season is coming in full season soon, and some of the different berries I got over the weekend are going to make a wonderful lunch or two for the week. I got some delish blueberries, strawberries , and blackberries and mixed them all together. I also got some wonderful looking tomatoes and some eggplant for our dinner Sunday night. Then their was a visit to the Mutter Museum. The Mutter Museum which is a part of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, is interesting if nothing else. The Mutter was started by Thomas Mutter in 1858 when he donated his collection of unique materials to the college and it grew from there. The collection features all kinds of medical tools, records, fluid-preserved specimens, skeletal specimens, medicals instruments, and specimens with medical conditions. The Mutter was originally intended to give medical students the chance to see and study the effects of rare conditions. Today, it still serves that purpose, and fascinates the general public. But if you are weak in the stomach this isn't for you. There is also a 5 foot long human colon, preserved human fetuses, and a part of the brain of President Garfield's assassin Charles Guiteau. All I'll say is it is interesting but totally gross!!!

Then there was also the gay pride celebration, New Hope Celebrates this weekend in New Hope which ran Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Good times! Sunday was a late morning wake up as the Mistress loves to lounge about in the boudoir till Lord knows what time. Sunday we also continued a little more training with Buster Bowlfig Borghese. And he, I have to say being four weeks in, has been the perfect gentlemen. I think his separation anxiety is just about nixed. The day ended with a bottle of Pinot Grigio and the Grilled Egg planet with tomato prepared for dinner.

At the end of the night I and Buster were both wiped out and ready for bed!!!


  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend. Glad to know Buster is doing so well.
    Cute picture...and of the dog, too!

  2. Sounds like a lovely weekend. They do seem to be going very fast this year.

  3. Anonymous5/19/2009

    Weekends do go way too fast. I think we need to pass a law for mandatory 3-day weekends! I would love to visit that museum. I've watched TV specials about it and it for sure is on my list of places to visit!

  4.! That museum!

  5. I love the picture of you and the pup! Very cute. You sure do have a busy life. Yea, you need to hang out while your out here visting. We'll show you a good time!

  6. Mistress Maddie #1 Fan5/19/2009

    If I ever make it too Philly you will have to take me to the Mutter. And then for cocktails! It looks like something I would be intrested in. I'm curious about all kinds of things like that. Was wondering when you were returning!

  7. great weekend...and buster is a doll....but you better not even THINK about using his as an excuse to stay home Honey!!! If I get MY fat ass to NYC, you better get your skinny one there as well!!!

    and I know that stuff is gross, but I would LOVE to go to the museum....I love me some gross stuff like that.


  8. Are you a vegetarian?

    Glad Buster is doing better. Just wait! When you get older (like I am), the months go by too fast! But I definitely know what you mean about the slow weeks.

  9. Cool museum. Mistress, that Dog is just to gosh darn cute. You dont look bad yourself...


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