Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Grande Dame of the Week

New York City's dear Momma.....Sweetie

Sweetie is New York City's Big Titted Honky Soul Momma! Sweetie has been lighting up stages in NYC for over a decade. She has been star, hostess, emcee,and glamourpuss! Sweetie has also taken more than a few bites of legendary drag shrines such as the clubs Pyramid, Boy Bar, and Jackie60 in addition to running successful shows at major clubs all over the city. Sweetie is one beauty filled with talent and entertainment and has taken the title of Drag Entertainer of the Year, two years in a row at the Glammy Awards. You may also remember Sweetie as one the the drag models for the designtestants on Project Runway last season! When in New York if you have a chance, Sweetie is one institution you should try to see! Sweetie has come a long way baby!


  1. That B&W GlamaShot is fantastic.
    And I loved her on Runway!

  2. How does she get that awesome cleavage? (well, any cleavage)

    She's glamorous!

  3. Joy- You don't want to know all the work that goes into this behind the scene. It starts with a roll of duct tape........

  4. Sweetie has benn around and is really one of the best queens in New York I think. And her shows are fantastic. She is really quite funny also


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