Saturday, March 21, 2009

Letters From Sister Mamie

Today my good friend and sister Mamie, AKA David Dust posted a whole story on the background of the lovely festivities of the Black party. The Mistress got to thinking I have known this bitch for quite some time. Before I went about the rest of the day, I remember I had a letter that she wrote me when she was just a little blond chicken right off the Greyhound. I used to look forward to her letters when I got them. One letter in particular was a invite to the going ons at the Black Party.

Even then as you can see, she was a funny writer back then. Well, I don't think I ever went to the Black Party. I was just to young and impressionable ya see.Yea right, believe that one and I will tell you another.Plus, being just out, meant I would have to leave town and might miss meeting a new boy! Anywho, it wasn't till a New York Gay Pride that I finally went to visit her and also would make trips to go to Patricia Fields to get wigs and other drag provisions. And the letters would have me in stitches from her talk of working at Macy's when she was a young retail queen to the savvy business woman she is today. And then there were the tales of lust, I mean, love. Yea that's it,love. I don't know where lust came from. Lets just say their were tales of many men, all papi's. She knew then what she wanted. Then there were the tales of the club scene, the Roxy,the Limelight, where they had a special Margarita night, Sound Factory, the Tunnel and her personal favorite Stella's. And that was followed by the hang overs the next day. What's funny about the whole thing is I didn't know Mamie to well before she left to go to New York to live. Maybe a couple of months. At first meeting, it was awkward because I was seeing a guy who had also dated Mamie. When he brought me around Mamie wasn't going to have another damn blond around. Somehow, we became good friends and she moved away to New York. Hell, that same guy we had in common is also still a good friend and was our host at The Woods campground two years ago. Now we run him ragged! But I think we really connected when he would come home to visit at all the parties and gatherings we had. Ever since then, Mamie has been one of my best friends and sisters. We have had many a hang over, danced some ditty's, dated many,many,many,many men, wore many a turban, and have even lost some dear friends. No, Mamie is definitely one of a kind, and I'm glad a still have these letters. After all these years they still make me laugh! Mamie -thanks for being such a wonderful friend and a lovely sister. I love ya girl!


  1. To my darling sister Maddie -

    Oh how EMBARRASSING!!!!

    I love how the first line you show reads, and I quote:

    "Oh well, who needs love".

    Sweet Baby Jesus (pronounced "hay-SOOS") - some things never change. And if you'll remember correctly, you STANK BITCHES never did come up for the Black Party - and left me alone to FEND FOR MYSELF!! How I ever got out of there in one piece, I'll never know...

    You were right - I was a little leery of having a younger blond join our group in Harrisburg. It was touch and go for about a minute, when I decided whether I should cut a bitch or if we should become Sisters-for-life. Luckily for both of us, I chose Sisters.

    Besides, SOMEONE needed to teach you how to be a fierce whore!! And I must say, I did a pretty good job.

    Thank goodness that Budge liked cute blond bitches with hairy legs ... or we might have never known each other. Talk about whores...

    I love ya Maddie - and your packrat, letter-saving self. Don't ever change.



    P.S. - I have NEVER worn a turban. I've always left the drag to my younger sis. :)

  2. Mamie- Listen toots, I could have included a picture you know!

  3. Eight-and-a-half years of a relationship; seven-and-a-half living together...

    ...and I have never seen these letters until today. Fascinating. You bitches were holding out!

  4. OK. I'm just going to say it in my vicodin haze. I just want to slap a bitch (aka Mamie). Limelight? The Roxie? Stella's? I used to read about those places out here on the left coast and dream of hanging there.

    Where is Curt so we can talk basketball? I mean, Purdue beat Washington. Didn't mess up my stuff in the long run but still. And this is why I don't normally bet on stuff. Because I tend to get obsessive and all.

    Reading this post makes me want to go all Cameron from Tool Academy.

    (By the way, I still love y'all. The vicodin is making me think you should rot in hell.)

  5. Kailyn -

    Don't hate, darling!

    BTW - if any of ya'll have tried calling me over the weekend - I left my phone at work on Friday. And I've been too lazy to go get it.


  6. Anonymous3/22/2009

    You two sound just funny as hell,and I'm betting it would be like hanging out with two drunken socialites! It's nice to still have friends like this after all these years.

  7. Aw, this is just like CeeCee and Hillary from Beaches, with their letter writing back and forth!!!

    Sounds like a great friendship worth cherishing.

  8. Anonymous3/23/2009

    And I bet the half of the town Mamie owned , you owned the other half!!! The things you two put the boys through I bet. Great letter.

  9. ahhhh, tell us some juicy stories Mistress!!! cuz I know you got 'em!!! and pictures are always welcome! esp. tranny in a turban! WOOHOO!!!!!

    love you!

  10. I wanna wear a turban! How fun!


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