Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Grande Dame of the Week.......

The unquie Dina Martina !

Dina Matina was conceived by Seattle performer Grady West,who developed the hilariously unwitting character into a multi-faceted persona with a extremely devoted following. Dina's shows are packed with ridiculous songs,ludicrous dance numbers,wonderfully horrifying costumes and more audience gifts than permits! You must see Ms. Martina if this train wreak in heels comes to a club near you. She is a one -of -kind!


  1. How could you not love the name Dina Martina?! Reminds of the very first time a friend of mine ever got dressed up "a few" years ago. Ater he painted his face and put his (spikey 80's) wig on, he looked in the mirror and said "Oh, my god! I look just like my cousin, Gina Martinez!" To me she has been Gina Martinez ever since!

  2. Miss G- thats a pretty funny story! I can remember quite a few friends that looked like that when they first started doing drag!


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