Friday, January 23, 2009

From the Candy Shop.....

The hot and adorable DJ Scotty Thompson

Scotty Thompson who in just one year attained residencies at clubs in New York and Washington DC has already expanded his horizons to become a well known DJ. He has played venues like Miami White Party, Fire Island Pines, Provincetown's Crown and Anchor and many more. In 2007 he added International to his title by appearing in Paris,Montreal,Singapore, Malaysia,and Tel-Aviv. Scotty was born and raised in New York and has managed to break out of the over-populated pack of party DJs with his unique blend of diverse, old school, cutting edge sounds and exciting beats. He evens spins in a speedo at times to feel free! Saturday this hunk will be playing at Pure right here in Philadelphia. I know he will make the Mistress's feet move.

And here is a promo video of some of Scotty's music.


  1. oh Mistress, he IS a cutie!~!!!

  2. Anonymous1/23/2009

    I could use a good spin by him. He is cute and adorable. And he's gay.

  3. Call me when he Dj's Naked.


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