Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Drag Queens- The Spice of Life

Just like their are many people, their are many different types of fabulous drag queens. Some are high camp and others look so much like a woman it's sometimes hard to tell if their is a man inside. Some perform and others are club and party personitlies that everyone knows. But without them on the scene I think it would make, in the Mistress's opionion a borning gay canvas. At least less colorful. So, continuing Drag History Month here is the Mistress's list of different categories of queens and some even post from time to time!

The first group is your tyical over the top queens who sing and dance, and are very high camp. They are very well known in their city or possibly in the country. They usually don't run for the titles of pageants. They are there to purely entertain the masses with song, dance, and comedy.

the Queen Bee of drag Lady Bunny

the darling Coco de Mere

Miss Richfield 1981

These are the Pageantry Queens. All these divas are beautiful and hard working. They are the ones who are constantly in drag shows raising funds for the gay organizations and are running for titles like Miss Gay America and Miss Gay USofA, plus their local titles. In there hometown everyone knows them. They work the drag circuit and have a list of titles a Christmas list long, or hold very high seats like Robin Kradles who is one of the beautiful Empress's of the Imperial Court!

Robin Kradles

Michelle Leigh Sterling

Victoria DePaula

This group of queens are Female Illusionist. The divas in this group are like drag queens but aren't campy. They resemble real women with a little more of a edgier look. These are the ones where I think you have to do a double take to see if there is any hint of a man!

Amanda Lepore

Elaine Lancaster

Charles Busch

I like to call this category The Debutante Queens. These drags queens are ones that don't necessary perform except for charity shows. These queens are famous mostly for there signature looks, personalty, and all round fun times gals. There the ones people see everywhere in their local cities and are at all the parties. These are sort of the Paris Hilton of the drag world- famous for no special reason,except for their style and fun personalities.

Miss Dana St.James

Inya Day

And finally, brace yourselfves. It's yours truly.....the Mistress Borghese!

the Mistress Borghese

This picture is from a private party before attending the Red Hot Strawberry Ball,where the Mistress was one of the hosttess. This is a common picture as she has a cock-a-tail in every picture EVER taken! I thought I would finally reveal the drunk,I mean, Mistress to you all!


  1. Oh my God! We finaly get to see the Mistress! And what a beauty! I think that name fits you for sure. I never thought much on the different type of drags, but I think your right. The club I go to has some who perform and some are just there to look beatuiful. Take care beautiful!

  2. well of course the mistress is my fave!!! so elegant!

  3. Why, Mistress Maddie, you are every bit as beautiful as I knew you would be! And somehow I expected you'd have a cocktail in your hand! You and the Boy Toy simply MUST escape that winter cold and come visit Texas some time!

  4. OMG!!!! you are one beautiful Biatch!!!! Damn girl....can you give me some makeup tips, cuz Tranny said he's not very good with the makeup!!

    You are so BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! In all ways...

  5. Girl -

    You need to start drinking your hooch out of Champagne flutes or Martini glasses. That way, when the stalkerazzi takes your photo, you don't end up in People magazine with a plastic cup in your hand.


  6. Mistress I had know idea you would be so regal! You go girl!

  7. Mistress Maddie # 1 FanJanuary 22, 2009 at 5:48 PM

    Very nice post! If for some reason the Boy-Toy can't escort you to a party I'm up for it! You look so natural!

  8. Mistress,Thank you so much for the shout out! We have got to do a show together for charity soon honey dumpling! Maybe the huge peacock hat!


  9. Mamie- I to was shocked at the plastic cup. Now you know I would normally use glass,but not everyone is a good hostess like us!

    Miss G- Your too kind! I hear they grow everything big in Texas. I do have family who the in Texas,so if we make it there I 'll look you up and we can share wig and the latest in make-up tips!

    Beth- I'd be more than happy to show you tootes. We can do it when we all take Tranny's place by storm. You too are to kind! Your always soooo sweet!

    Chef- Thanks for the comment Chef! I can put you in the will also!

    Cali Boi and Mahogany- you two are just plain crazy! But I thank-you kindly all the same!

  10. I think you Mistress and Miss Richfield are my two favorites! Silly and Stunning! You guys could go on the road as The Odd Couple! Love your blog. This is my first time commenting!

  11. What a good post. And you Mistress are one elegant bitch. You must come sometime to Boston for The Tea Ball.

  12. It's so nice to see the Mistress on her finally. Even with the trademark peacock feathers. Flawless. I have met alot of these girls with my travels. There is a lot of talent here.

    Take care


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