Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Let's Peel that Denim

Since it's so damn cold out and the Mistress loves some HOT men and loves them in a old pair of jeans, we might as well keep the hotness coming. Since Byran Thomas also won Mate of the Year, I'm in the mood for more hot guys. You can never get enough can you?


  1. OMG! I am in luv with that last piece of hotness. How I would love to see what is under those jeans.

  2. I love a man in a pair of beat up old jeans...maybe a dirty white t-shirt...a little sweaty and scruffy....ok, I gotta go now.

  3. Anonymous1/29/2009

    I would love to be in the middle of the groups of guys. They would make me feel some pretty!

  4. Anonymous1/29/2009

    The guys are all hot! But I would love to get in the jeans and pull out the goods on guys 4 and 6!

  5. Anonymous1/29/2009

    You have excellent taste Mistress! I can not work looking at all this hot and hunky guys!

  6. Dan- you will be happy to know his name is Michael and he was voted New York City's number go-go dancer! He is hot!

    Beth- I hear ya! There is just something about old jean that gets me going.


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