Monday, January 26, 2009

The Glammy's?

No,not the Grammy's, the Glammy's! For the past 10 years The Annual Glammy Awards ceremony celebrates the Best in NYC's nightlife talent. The evening is filled with go-go dancers drag queens, pornstars, and all the regulars characthers of the nightlife. The nominnes are voted on by the artists, promoters,bar managers and onwers,DJ'S, go-go dancers,hosts,etc. This year they were held at Splash Bar in December. And by the pictures it looks like it was a blast and very fashionable!! Here are some of the pictures!

Entertainer of the Year- the beautiful Candis Cayne

Best Dance Performer- Sahara Davenport

Best Comedy Performer- Bianca Del Rio

Best Hostess of Shows-Peppermint

Best Dressed- Acid Betty

My favorite queen got Best Blogger-Lady Bunny

Best Go-Go Dancer- Mike Dreydon

Here's a little video about the Glammy's!
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  1. Love that! and LOVE that go go boy! I really love that he's not some smooth hairless thang, but a real man-boy!

  2. I figured you might like a real man girl! Enjoy!

  3. Anonymous1/26/2009

    Sahara is one wonderful gal to be around. I have met her several times. And can that bitch dance!

  4. Mike is one hot dancer. And that cowboy hat? I would ride him till the sun went down!


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