Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Grande Dame of the Week.......

The beautiful Harmonica Sunbeam!

Harmonica Sunbeam-The Queen of Comedy has been delighting audiences at nightclubs , cabarets, and special events throughout the United States for 15 years now. With her unique, classic style, and razor sharp wit she is heading toward stardom quickly. Harmonica has also stared in the movies Honey, Uptown Girls and the Oliver Stone movie World Trade Center and in addition has another movie due in early 2009 yet to be titled. Despite her busy schedule, Miss Harmonica has also found time to assist and work with many community based gay organizations such as POCC, GMAD, Jersey City Pride, and Our Youth. She is one giving Diva! If your ever in New York City you should stop and catch one of her acts. She can be seen at Escuelita .


  1. Maddie -

    Harmonica (and her alter ego "Sheila Noxema) is my 2nd favorite drag queen ever - behind Bunny, of course. At the Mr. Escuelita Pageant, Harmonica was the hostess, and Lady Bunny was the featured entertainer. I was in heaven!


  2. Mamie, you know I would be in heaven! Anything with these two in it would be highly entertaining!

  3. Iv'e seen Harmoncia perform and she is funny as hell, and beautiful!


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