Friday, January 9, 2009

From the Candy Shop


You may remember or not Michael Biserta's hot shake up in the latter part of 2007. He was the smoking hot fireman from New York who started a scandal when he and his massive penis overshadowed the FDNY's calendar for charity. Well, when it came out he at the same time did a Guys Gone Wild video the calendar ended up cancelled. Biserta inspired more than lust with his trouserless turn in Guys Gone Wild. Mantra Films who produced the film said it would even give 10% of the profits to the FDNY,but FDNY officials said they wouldn't accept the money. Michael and his hose put a end to his calendar appearance and being a firefighter,but he still can handle that big hose well! Now a days he is posing for photographers who seem to be lining up to work with this sexy guy all around the world!


  1. I would love to handle his big hose. Personally, I saw the Boys Gone Wild video, I am surprised he was smart enough to be a fireman.

  2. Well, my motto is "If you've got it, work it!" And I'd say he's got it.

  3. Did you see the video?!? That is one BIG, GORGEOUS hose!


  4. Michael is hot as hell.I too saw the video,and he is huge! I can't tell you how much use that tape got!

  5. DAN- I think we would all like to handle that big hose.

    Mame-I did see the video,like,five times in a row! you know to make sure I wasn't seeing things. It was nice.

    Mark-He's got it alright! For all of us!

    Cali Boi-I too wore out the button puhing the restart button!

  6. I want to start a fire in my home so he cum put it out!

  7. Hey Mistrees,
    Loved your comment left on my blog. I actually started my post today with it.
    Check it out.
    Kisses from a frozen London

  8. Video? there's a video???! I wanna see the video!!!!

  9. I have always found Michael to be hot as hell! And have you seen the video? That boy as one huge dick! I must say Mistress you have excellent taste in men-love the blog.



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