Thursday, March 26, 2020


The drag digital age is taking off in time of crisis. The Digital Dragfest has now been extended I got word yesterday, with another 10 queens and Caswell himself, now doing a online show, and the event itself  has been extended to April 12 with opening comments from Michelle Visage herself. Finally ...heard  from  Bunny., who crawled out of her apartment to DM  RuPaul’s Drag Race Werq The World, now the largest drag show tour on the planet,  jumps from stage to screen for a massive global fundraiser to help displaced local drag entertainers who have lost their source of income due to the COVID-19 shutdown of bars and clubs!  The show will be hosted by Bianca Del Rio from Los Angeles and Lady Bunny from New York with performances by Aquaria, Asia O'Hara, Gigi Goode, Kameron Michaels, Kim Chi, Plastique Tiara , Vanessa 'Vanjie' Mateo, Violet Chachki and Yvie Oddly from across the United States. Expect the high production Werq The World is known for, streamed into homes worldwide, while you can relax and get drunk.

Werq The World Live

Bianca Del Rio and Lady Bunny host a global benefit with your favorite stars from RuPaul’s Drag Race. First 5000 SOLD OUT! Next 5000 available for only $9.99. ACT FAST AND SAVE!
Saturday April 4th, 2020. Available for 48 hours after live feed. 

And if you are a local/national performer who has already lost your job, or your establishment is closed due to the Covid-19 virus follow this link to complete a aid application.

As Bunny would say in her southern demure voice... THANK -YOU.


  1. Didn't know about this... I think doing it online is a good (enough?) alternative. Of course it's not the same but hey, we're in a crazy situation. Gotta do whatcha gotta do, pretty much.

  2. Online shows like this are popping up all over the place to help displaced actors/singers on local levels. This is fantastic. I wonder if Jimmy knows about this - - I must remember to ask him.

  3. Bestest wishes to all of them!
    xoxo :-)

  4. Yes!
    Hope it goes well and they keep doing it. The online audience will broaden as time goes by and the social distancing continues. It’s a means of revenue also for queens in small towns without a drag bar.
    And Cazwell! Swoon.


  5. Now you know I have GOT to see Bunny!!!!!!


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