Monday, March 23, 2020


This is more a PSA instead of a post. The Mistress was very busy this weekend when I was dm'ing Trinity the Tuck, and between her and talking with Alexis Michelle and several other queens,  the digital age is indeed upon us and taking us to new territory and unchartered waters. I promised I  would get word out too. With so many, if not all bars and clubs now shuttered, many queens will be taking a huge hit with no income coming in. Hey!!!!!! I know first hand, it takes a lot of money to look this cheap!!!! Between texting, dm'ing and email, it is incredible what has been going on. Tina Burner did a great online show I caught last week, as well as Nina West and friend Magnolia Applebottom. Trinity in conjunction with Peg Productions and started putting together a digital drag show, which has gotten great response and has now grown huge to all proportions. It's now turned into a Ditgial Drag Festival, where one can enjoy drag shows from the safety of your home, wherever you are in the world!  Audiences are limited for each show to maintain the intimacy and exclusivity, like it would normally be at your local drag show (and yes, you will even be able to make it rain on them). Artists may decide to release additional tickets for their show, but a single show will never exceed more than a  hundred households total. Each 30-minute show will be a once in a lifetime live experience.  Singing, cooking, comedy, lip syncing and drama are just some of the elements that will be showcased in this festival. Tickets will be extremely limited, to keep audience sizes small and the experience intimate, with opportunities to interact with artists, tip them, and potentially be awarded prizes and giveaways. Ticket prices for each show, if not most, will start at an economical $10.00 USD per household. Most money will support that queen or it will be donated to a local charity. Here is a list of the already booked queens and the dates and times they will appear.  I will not be deatiling what the show is...otherwise this will be a long post. If you click the link in the end you can see what each show will entail. Keep in mind queens are still joining and this is only the latest list.

MONÉT X CHANGE -Call Me By Monet

3/27 3:00pm PT / 3/27 6:00pm ET / 3/27 10:00pm GMT / 3/28 9:00am AEDT

NINA WEST -Nina West Story Time

3/27 5:00pm PT / 3/27 8:00pm ET / 3/28 12:00am GMT / 3/28 11:00am AED

Alaska- The Corona Caberet

3/27 7:00pm PT / 3/27 10:00pm ET / 3/28 2:00am GMT / 3/28 1:00pm AEDT.

3/27 9:00pm PT / 3/28 12:00am ET / 3/28 4:00am GMT / 3/28 3:00pm AEDT
Make sure to check site, I understand she has shows sold out already.
GINGER MINJ -Showtunes and Shit!
3/28 3:00pm PT / 3/28 6:00pm ET / 3/28 10:00pm GMT / 3/29 9:00am AEDT
MIZ CRACKER -American Woman
3/28 5:00pm PT / 3/28 8:00pm ET / 3/29 12:00am GMT / 3/29 11:00am AEDT
One show sold out already.
3/29 3:00pm PT - SOLD OUT  3/29 7:00pm ET -SOLD OUT  3/29 8:00pm-SHOW JUST ADDED GMT / 3/30 9:00am AEDT
3/29 5:00pm PT / 3/29 8:00pm ET / 3/30 1:00am GMT / 3/30 11:00am AEDT

JACKIE COX-The Jackie Cox Show
MARCH 30TH 05:00PM Just Announced

MARCH 30  01:00PM

4/1 3:00pm PT / 4/1 6:00pm ET / 4/1 11:00pm GMT / 4/2 9:00am AEDT
SHERRY VINE Livingroom Variety Show
4/2 5:00pm PT / 4/2 8:00pm ET / 4/3 1:00am GMT / 4/3 11:00am AEDT
Mama Tits Show
March 31st 2:00pm
MRS. KASHA DAVIS-There's No Place Like Home
Mar 31 - 04:00 PM est
SHARON NEEDLES-Call Me On the Ouija Board
Apr 04 - 04:00- SOLD OUT  8&- 9 PM est

Apr 01 - 01:00 PM PST

Apr 01 - 07:00 PM EST

Apr 02 - 03:00 PM EST
TAMMIE BROWN- A Little Bit of Quarantined Tammie
Apr 02 - 07:00 PM PST
Ben De La Creme- Terminally Detained
Mar 29 - 01:00 PM -SOLD OUT
Mar 31 - 06:00 PM PST

Others just added
Silky Nutmeg Ganache
Mar 28 - 01:00 PM 

Apr 01 - 11:00 AM Mt

SHEA COULEÉ-Cooking with Coulee
Apr 03 - 11:00 AM 

Apr 03 - 03:00 PM

JACKIE BEAT- Safety of My Bedroom
Apr 03 - 05:00 PM PST

DIVINA DE CAMPO-At Home with Divina de Covid
Apr 04 - 12:00 PM 

Alexis Michelle- The Show Must Go On
Apr 04-6:00pm est

Apr 04 - 02:00 PM EST

Apr 05 - 12:00 PM 

Shuga Cain- Shuga's Shenaigans
Apr 05 - 02:00 PM 

RHEA LITRÉ- Quarantined Queen
Apr 05 - 08:00 PM 

This is the link to Stageit. If your interested in supporting some of these queens click on the link. Once on the site, click the banner  at top of page advertising the Dragfest, and the next screen will show the event bio and below that,  a show list of the queens and their show times. If you click on the Queens show title highlighted in bold, it will take you directly to screen to purchase your tickets. It will also show you if any tickets are left before purchasing which is nice. Some queens have already added second and THIRD shows. AMAZING !!!! Drag is all about resilience, and this festival is meant to share that message during a challenging time. And be sure to check back as the list keeps getting bigger. I'll have a direct link in the side bar too.


  1. This is a fantastic idea!
    You are right. Drag is about resilience and innovation. I’m not sure who I’m going to try and watch, but I’m sure it will be fun.
    Yay !


  2. Good luck and much success to everyone!

  3. Replies
    1. Awwwwwwww! Happy Quarantine to you!!!

  4. What a great idea. I can get my drag on and yet sit at home and look like a slob???

  5. That's being creative. And, audiences should know how tough this is going to be for the is not easy to do comedy without an audience present. Be appreciative, everyone!

  6. Great idea and valuable post!
    xoxo :-)

  7. Thank you Mistress!!!! Not being on social media or having any connections to drag queens, I would not know any this. William and I have already bought three sets of tickets. One for Jinkx, one for Kasha Davis and another for Ben. I am very excited!!!!!!!! Thanks again!

  8. Definitely need to watch some of these queens!!!!! So many good one too.

  9. I'm not even so well known as these queens and did one with my local peeps on my Instagram and was shocked the support I GOT. I too have bought tickets for two shows.

    Nice post and info Mistress.

  10. By's going to be a digital Wigstock!!!!!! And you can't beat the ticket price.

    Now go wash your hands Mistress.

    XO AND ONE FOR Jesus
    Miss R

  11. I am thrilled to share that I will be doing one of the digital shows just for kids and kids at heart! Tickets are limited and will go fast! March 31st. 3 pm EST. I also added shows I am giving all my tips to local entertainers in need! And if any of you peeps is on Instagram.. watch my Live on my insta! Ready to be reunited with my mama for nights of ridiculousness, games, and fun!

    And thanks Maddie for the post...great to getting support

  12. Now here’s a show!!! I am so here for this!

  13. I am totally down with this!!!! Plus like Bob mentioned, I can watch in my nighty!!! I will put on some make up, you know just because.

  14. Scarlet3/23/2020

    Thank you for posting this Mistress!!!!!! Is it alright to plug? So excited to be part of this! SCARLET ENVY: LOVE SONGS live streaming on April 5th at 7pm EST!! Watch from the comfort of your quarantine.

    1. Nice to hear from you honey! Plug away all you want!

  15. I will be definitely be viewing Sherry Vine. I love her. I checked out the site and now see Varla Jean Merman is being added. This is actually our time to show our apperception for these queens, and stop taking for granted the art and fun. They all deserve a to be seen.

  16. Amazing times we live in. I was supposed to see Miz Cracker when she came here but with the virus cancelled. so I got me a ticket. This is bound to be good, any of them!!!!! Thanks for this in-depth post.

  17. This incredible lineup of artists and shows being presented over some days. I see that John Cameron Mitchell, Cynthia Lee Fontaine, Deven Green, and Tina Burner have added shows. What a great cause now more then ever...and from our home with unlimited beverages???? I will be joining and watching. Ariel told me she joined also.

  18. OMG!!!! I'm clearing my completely empty day just for some of these!!!!! But no Lady Bunny yet??????

  19. mistress, you could do one of these on pornhub live! think of the quarantined boys.

  20. I think this is truly amazing and so inspiring in these times. I will be getting tickets for several shows. Got to support Ariel of course. I read where GLADD and Amazon are now partners to donate monies. Great word to get out Mistress.

  21. WOW! This is excellent. I am sort of shocked no RuPaul anywhere in here.

    1. Haven't you heard honey? She's busy fracking

  22. I think it is amazing to see this happening, and some of the more well known and well off girls are donating their funds to the queens who need it, or other charities. This is true comradery and sisterhood. My question is why is the queen of drag Ru not involved? Don't tell me she is only sitting back judging queens now, collecting even more money off her cash cows who do the tours and all the work for her????

    Shame Ru. Even Michelle Visage is doing the opening ceremony for this great event. I don't mean to soil this post Mistress but had to express how I felt. Ru is showing how she is turning into yet another famous person who is spoiled by greed, not practicing what she preaches. At this point she is just a elevated Madame with these girls.

  23. Hi Mistress
    Just a test to see if this comment will post. X

  24. This is so nice to see!!!! I have gotten tickets for 6 different shows. Im most looking forward to Trinity's and Shuga's


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