Sunday, March 8, 2020


It was a good weekend to get up and about. I've been taking baby steps on the hibernation thing...I'm not about to go cold turkey like Punxsutawney Phil and come right out of my hole!!! But this weekend was surely warm and beautiful enough for me to emerge. I'm not worried about the coronavirus. What kind of dumb virus would penatrate my gin and other libation soaked vessel?  You may remember my friend Domenic...
Well... he and I had a lovely time at the Salt House in New Hope yesterday. Truth be told we are working on our friendship. We started out dating some time ago...and are trying to find a good friendship , but the odd slip into bed happens. I can't lie. He is fun, a good conversationalists and has good oral skills.... He made me promise to not wear skinny jeans yesterday. I never took orders well. But that is neither here nor there. The Salt House is becoming a favorite haunt of mine, and has a very cool history. That above is the joint back in the early days of New Hope. The Salt House  dates back to the late 1770's , just down from where George Washington and his troops crossed the Delaware River that fateful night December. It was at this spot , as they retreated from Valley Forge following the Redcoats to the battle of Monmouth. The Salt House building was the toll house at the time, so George and the boys would have spent  some time here over those days back in June of 1778. It's really hard to believe the place still stands in these times of not wanting to preserve anything. So I give it to all the owners for maintaining and not changing it.  it has a very warm and welcoming crowd and atmosphere.
A fun portrait of Washington by artist Abe Romano, one of his last before his passing.
Their cock-a-tail list is amazing. I had one of each.
Contrary to popular belief, the Towpath Flasher was NOT named after me. While there, we ran into James and Peach, two friends from town... and we ate like field hands and gobbled like hogs.
Notice Domenic forced me to eat oysters...the last thing I needed. YUCK.
James and the Giant Peach
We were taking to the bartender while waiting for our table. We were discussing various libations, when the talk shifted to bourbons and whiskies... when he asked if we'd tried this libation, a straight bourbon whiskey, which they found down in Charleston. He asked if we'd like to sample it.
I immediately relayed, eloquently of course" I love me some cock." Meanwhile, many wives looked worried, while many husbands faces looked piqued.

Meanwhile, like most places in New Hope, there are funny signs to be seen, like in the rest room.
On our way to the Salt House we passed this bath shop. I thought of our Ms Scarlet when I saw these rubber ducks...and tomorrow is her birthday!!! I should send her all these for her bath time.
It was a first lovely day to get out, spent with a bunch of characters. 
Twas a lovely sunset too.
Today I noticed while walking Buster...the daffodils are really coming up.
Time continues.....


  1. William and I adore this place when were in New Hope. I had no idea it dated back so far but knew it was pretty old when we saw the interior. Supposedly haunted too. I love their drinks menu there, and their deviled eggs are to die for. It certainly was a very pretty weekend. I love the sunset picture...breathtaking.

  2. I really need to get down to your neck of the woods more. New Hope is sooo cool. Those drinks look amazing. But Im not sure I see the problem with ending up in bed with Domenic?????

    And that other guy James? looks like he has a giant peach in those jeans! You should have them all in for drinks Mistress.

  3. the whole part of "I immediately relayed, eloquently of course" I love me some cock." Meanwhile, many wives looked worried, while many husbands faces looked piqued." had me in hysic"s!!!!!!

    I love pubs like this. And the history.

  4. I love the look of Salt House. Great food, cocktails and the vibe looks very cool. The hipsters are warm me up too. The history of the place is pretty cool. That town has amazing history.

  5. if glad take any of your sloppy seconds.

  6. What a great, quaint place! I too love those rubber ducks. But are you sure your buddy Scarlet wouldn't want those hunks instead of rubber ducks for her bath time?

    I've missed you!!!! Welcome back!!!!

  7. The ambiance, the food, the drinks!! All looks outstanding. I too love hanging at places like this, kick back and relax.

  8. what scrumptious cocktails! I would want to try them all

  9. I want to try the "round trip to paris". and dom is totes fuckable, as are james and peach. I wonder if travel penguin has ever tried "chicken cock"?

  10. Chicken Cock?!? That could be taken so many ways!!!!! You still got chicken cock! But I love that place. Really cool, historic building in a nice charming setting. Thats what weekends are for.

  11. Oh Maddie...YOU don't have to worry about any virus with your gin and other intake.

    Lovely place though. So how DID the night end???

  12. I'd love to have a drink there. It Was A Dark And Stormy Daniels, please.

  13. Awwwwww!!!! Rubber ducks!!!! And thank you for the birthday wishes!!!
    Do you 'list' old buildings in the US? Is there a preservation scheme? The Salt House wouldn't look out of place in Devon!

  14. Glad to hear you're not bothered with Corona... The rest of the world, well some countries, they're goin' crazy over it. Hope it all blows over soon, and the virus dies.

  15. Love, love love the place!
    I'd have the Slow Wink, please. And Domenic seems the perfect company.
    And James and Giant Peach? Yes, please.


  16. It all looks delicious, including Domenic and the man-spreaders on the sofa. And at least that toilet sign didn’t include toilet paper in its banned items. We’ve been in very old places in Southern Spain that do, and have a little bin next to the toilet even for that! I tend to back right out of the room.

  17. Last time we hit New Hope my peeps and I hit the Salt House...O.M.G Hands down the best hamburger I EVER had. It just melted in your mouth...and nice crowd. A day in New Hope is always what the doctor orders

  18. Next time in New Hope..
    We're going there...looks very charming.

  19. Interesting old house and travelogue!
    xoxo :-)

  20. And I was just thinking that I could do with a Tow Path Flasher!

    Cute ducks, too.

  21. nothing salty about this place.

  22. A lovely post on your fair hamlet as usual.

  23. Love the old English vibe of that place. I'd hang with your guys there and after!!!


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