Wednesday, March 11, 2020


There are drag queens and the queens from drag race...and then there are the rare legendary queens that are pure magic...and that is NYC  legend Joey Arias. 

I have long adored Joey's style, the Avant Garde fashion and performances...and her along with Amanda Lepore, Bunny, Mona Foot  Candis Cayne and L'Homma Van Sant WERE the club scene.   After high school he sang with a rock band which had a 1973 single on Capitol Records, and a stint with improvisational comedy group the Groundlings. In 1976 he and his best friend Kim,  drove across country in a pickup truck and moved to New York City, where he's called home ever since.  Arias eventually got a job at the Fiorucci designer clothing store. He and other store staff famously performed  in the shop windows. While working at the store he became friends with alternative musician Klaus Nomi, singing backup and designing sets and costumes. Nomi and Arias appeared on Saturday Night Live accompanying David Bowie for a live performance of three songs:. While in New York, he also performed with Ann Magnuson in a band called Strange Party which recorded and performed in various night clubs. Upon Nomi's death, Arias became executor to the Klaus Nomi estate. A tribute to his friend is held in Berlin every year, and the documentary film The Nomi Song was released in 2004. A film on the life Arias shared with Nomi was in development in 2010 with Alan Cumming slated play Nomi.Arias, gradually became involved in the burgeoning 1980s New York performance art scene, appearing regularly at Club 57 and other downtown venues. During these years he also began crafting a successful career in cabaret, channeling the vocal style and mannerisms of Billie Holiday. Those shows are downright amazing. Arias has moved with the time too. In addition to his successful cabaret he has also starred for some time in Cirque du Soleil's Zumanity. Even now he has  two weekly shows at Joe's Pub and Feinstein's\ 54 Below. I have been asked we certain queens won't go on drag race. I think Arias would sooner have his nails pulled out then go on the 

Joey Arias sings!!! 
Now THIS is real talent children...arise!


  1. Joey has such an amazing voice - and a wicked wit! The last show we saw him in was with Sherry was quite amazing.

  2. They SHOULD film his life story! Or make a whole mini-series out of it!

  3. Really enjoy Joey,just heard a wannabe... Lady Day on a special, and first thought was,she's good, but not as good as Joey! Joey is pretty fearless.

  4. The epitome of New York nightlife and drag. You just don't see the likes of Joey anymore. The "it" factor in these new queens just isn't there.


  6. Nice to read about a legend! :)

    Thanks for sharing the YT link, gonna take a listen now ^.^

  7. I wonder if that Alan Cumming film will ever see the light of day - and who would play Joey?! Jx

  8. Joey is LEGENDARY. Period.
    I've known about her since forever and she's always been absolutely amazing. Her Billie is just fantastic.
    Wish there were more like her....


  9. Joey is amazing!!!! I cans till remember him from George Michael video Too Funky.


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