Monday, August 29, 2011

Beyoncé in L’Officiel Magazine

I hope everyone had a lovely Monday today. Things got much more back to normal around these parts and I only had to work a half day!!!!! Over the weekend I came across these pictures of Miss Beyonce in one of her recent magazine spreads. LOVE IT!!! I think she looks phenomenal!! Of course when they surfaced,buzz started swirling around Beyonce’s recent photo shoot for the French fashion magazine, L’Officiel Paris. Unfortunately for Beyonce, the response to the photos isn’t entirely positive. The pop superstar appears on the cover of the magazine’s issue. However, in one photo inside the issue, the singer’s skin is visibly darkened with black makeup on her face and neck, which some blogs and news sites have labeled it as offensive. I don't find if offense at all. I guess from my fashion styling background it's a fabulous shoot and the fashion is incredible! A queen, a goddess, Beyonce is a bombshell beauty with a divine voice. You go girl, work it, but don't break it!!!!


  1. And now the big news is The Baby Bump!

  2. They maybe painted her face black because their issue is about AFRICANS not Afro-American ( Beyoncé ) , so yeah the two type aren’t the same toon of color so what! I'm a black woman and I think She looks amazing !!

  3. These pictures are Beautiful! I don't see the problem!

  4. I think she looks beautiful and definitely don’t believe she meant any harm by this or to cause any drama. We all know Beyonce is an amazing woman and performer, which is why I trust that she did this in good taste. You can’t take offense to everything!!!

  5. This woman is just Beautiful

  6. Anonymous8/31/2011

    I am sure some ultra's on both sides of the issue think coloring her darker was offensive but please Mary! It's art!

    Political Correctness aside, the African American community is sometimes discriminatory amongst itself about skin color range - there is a reason for the terms "she passes" or calling someone a "high yellow" - and those terms did not originate in the white community - and I have heard both applied to Beyonce by some of my black friends.

    Even knowing this, I doubt many African Americans are upset with the photo spread - I imagine many of them are probably glad she did it - it emphasizes Beyonce's beauty even more and in different ways.

    I think it is very interesting how coloring her darker makes her features stand out in completely new ways.

    Thank you for sharing this photospread with us!

  7. Beautiful. Thank you for posting. Beyonce is amazing!


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