Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Grande Dame

Sister Roma is a American drag queen and art director of gay pornography. She is also a twenty-year member of San Francisco's Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, which is a charity, protest, and street performance organization that uses drag and Catholic imagery to call attention to sexual intolerance and satirize issues of gender and morality, and are currently organized as an international network of orders, which are mostly non-profit charity organizations that raise money for AIDS, LGBT-related causes, and mainstream community service organizations, while promoting safer sex and educating others about the harmful effects of drug use. Roma also co-hosts an online live-format talk show about the adult pornography industry, The Tim and Roma Show with various guests, and discussing film projects as well as events in the LGBT community. You know doubt have seen her before. Isn't her make-up incredible? My earliest memory of her is from Pussy Tourette's video, Kiss, which I posted before this. I've always though she is just fabbbbbbbbbulous.......

And here is Roma in a rare photo in her blond drag without her sisterhood make-up!


  1. She has done many good things for the community out here and she is amazing! And funny as hell!

  2. I'm with Cali-boi on this. Roma and the good sisters have done some real wonderful things for the communtiy here! She is never not fabulous!

  3. Great choice on a deserving queen! She and her looks are just signature!

  4. Anonymous8/02/2011

    Outspoken personalities who rally for a good cause will ALWAYS have my admiration! Here's to a True Original who is Truly Amazing!!!


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