Friday, January 28, 2011

Does David Dust Sing This to Arby's?

When I first saw this funny video from current dragtestan,t and one of my favorite queens, Mimi Imfurst, I thought of my good friend and sister Mame. I wonder if this is how some nights go trying to get to a Arby's?


  1. LOL,LOL,LOL! nOW THAT IS FUNNY AS HELL! I love Mimi! I hope she does well on Dragrace. Love seeing her at the Q bar in philly.

  2. Oh my God that's funny! Your friend like Arby's this much huh?

  3. LOL! You are such a Biatch!!!

    A couple of things -

    That is one of my favorite songs ever, and YES - I have sung it on my way to Arby's.

    Also - That's the Burger King right around the corner from my doctor's office in Astoria!!! And YES - I've had a Whopper and Onion Rings before an appointment (or two).

    See you in a few hours, Girl!!


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