Saturday, January 22, 2011

Meet the Dragtestants 3

Now y'all don't forget that RuPaul's Drag Race starts from the gun shot this Monday on Logo. Here is what the Mistress thinks on the final three dolls!

Manila Luzon
Manila is one of the ones who bothered me the most, for one reason. Manila is Sahara Davenport’s (from season 2) BOYFRIEND! REALLY RU? REALLY?!? You COULDN’T find a Queen that wasn’t directly involved with one of your former contestants? I can’t help but think that Sahara had something to do with this. Either way, she seemed cute in the interview, but right away was blah. She and Sahara are beauties but a little too boring.

Phoenix belongs the Atlanta’s House of Brooks (Yes…Nicole Paige Brooks’ belongs too) and I believe is one of her “daughters”. Phoenix has been around forever, and I have seen and heard of her for years. She did a stint in LA for a while and then went back to ATL. One thing that I noticed, and I HOPE this doesn’t get me into trouble but I wonder if sister got her lips done in the last little while. They are HUGE! She might be another of the Love or Love to Hate Queens this season. She will be good for the show though, but I don't think she will win this.

Do you recognize Raja? I do!!! Raja,aka Raja Sutan Amrull used to be the makeup artist on Top Model! She even dressed up as Raja during the Thailand season, and she was impersonating Tyra Banks…you with me? R I'll be honest-Raja is FIERCE! Like UBER FIERCE! She is the Italian Vogue/Fashion Queen. This bitch doesn’t tolerate a heel lower than 5 inches, and her favourite is the 6 inch heel. Seriously. She has been doing drag for 20 years, and I believe is the oldest as per her interview, on this season. Raja is my Top of the Top. She will be in the finals, if not the top three to win! She is a fierce performer, she is super sweet, has a sickening look.And as a boy I think he is very cute! If I was a betting gal, she is one of three I would put my money on. So what do you think?


  1. Oh you know I'll be watching. I think your right. Raja does look pretty good. If she isnt in the finals then I dont know whats going on!

  2. Out of these three-team Raja baby!

  3. I like Raja, too. Interesting group for sure.


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