Thursday, October 25, 2018


Drag Queen, showgirl, Ballerina, emcee, hostess, and Entertainer.

 FiFi DuBois is a professional Drag performer with a career spanning a whole decade. She has entertained all over the U.S, the high seas, Japan and I'm sure a bedroom or two. FiFi is also a multiple title holder including a Miss Fire Island Entertainer of the year, Miss Gay Western States America, a former Miss’d America, former Miss Stonewall, and more! She can currently be seen performing all over NYC and Fire Island, where I became acquainted with her. Nor only is she full of hilarity, but there is no denying her creative looks, in style and expression.


  1. She's got a lot of looks and they're all fabulous.

  2. LOL -- all the pasties on her poodle outfit!

  3. First of all. love the name and second, that poodle shot is amazing….you queens are creative.

  4. Ohhh that split! Also, I actually want her poodle outfit. I could use it to entertain, as well ;-)

    P.S. I’m an idiot and I deleted that last comment you left. I should not moderate when I’m on a goddamn phone. Ugh.

  5. An entirely different person from one to the next. Amazing. Your ears should be burning. We’ve been talking a lot lately about many talents.. the ones we know about at least. You are an inspiration.

    1. You are both two sweet hearts...what a kind compliment. Now I feel all warm and fuzzy......


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