Tuesday, October 9, 2018


Meet Jemima Handful...

an Aussie queen who is a cabaret show queen and full of tricks and high energy performances. His drag journey began 4 years ago,  as many queens do...in a  drag competition in his hometown in his country of Australia.  Jemima is certainly a queen who moves! He loves dancing and being silly, and likes to use the slapstick when he can. Jemima is a queen who can dance it down and have fun while doing so. I hope Jemima will be in the States again soon.


  1. Holy f... The number of posts I missed is...well, I'm simply flabbergasted! Loved them. Yes, all of them. Though, my favorite would have to be the glamping - I wonder why that is? I would've had to warm my buns right along with you - you know that, don't you? I was never one to allow a friend to suffer being naked alone! ;-)
    Many hugs!!!!

  2. And by the looks of the second picture, she's got some real talent. Not just a pretty face.

  3. She looks fun ...and I love anyone who can deep throat a beer can

  4. This is a lady after my own heart. Please notice her demeanor near that beer can. I want to hang out with her just because of that. Not to mention the flawless make up.


  5. I love the big girl drag queens. They always seem more funny and put together....a big presence....no pun intended.

  6. Beautiful. And I’ve never seen anyone shoot a beer quite like that.


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