Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Black cats have played a major role in folklore, superstition, and mythology for centuries. In the middle ages, they were believed to be witches' incarnate or witches' familiar, the latter of which is an animal-shaped spirit or demon thought to serve a witch or magician as a spy and companion. Strangely, many of these old superstitions still exist to this day. Around Halloween. I adore black cats. I have had one cat, my dearly departed Starrbooty who was a lovely all sleek black cat. If I ever get another cat, I think it would have to be a black one. I think they are good luck in my opinion.

Some of many beliefs about black cats that exist around the world today:
To dream of a black cat is lucky.

Seeing a black cat in your dream indicates that you are experiencing some fear in using your psychic abilities and believing in your intuition.
A funeral procession with a black cat is believed to forecast the death of another family member.
  • Finding a white hair on a black cat brings good luck.
  • A strange black cat on a porch brings prosperity to the owner.

  • A black cat seen from behind portrays a bad omen. If a black cat walks towards you, it brings good fortune; if it walks away, it takes the good luck with it.
  • If a black cat crosses your path while you're driving, turn your hat around backward and mark an "X" on your windshield to prevent bad luck.
  • How ever you celebrate today, have a Happy Samhain!


  1. I love all cats but black ones are the most intriguing. My black cat Bosco has an unusually mysterious personality - he seems almost mystical.
    I enjoyed this post and it's purrrrfect for Samhain!
    (sorry, I just couldn't resist....).

  2. Happy Halloween, Mistress. Have yourself a hauntingly beautiful day. Many hugs from out in the desert.

  3. Abby wants you to know our next door neighbor has a black cat. The cat sits in the neighbors window and teases the dogs. I've tried telling her black cats are special but she's not having it. Now two black dogs... xoxoxox

  4. Black is Beautiful *raises power fist*! Sorry, got a little carried away there. I don't celebrate any of the holidays and this is my prime hibernation time, but black cats (or anything furry) cheer me up immensely. Growing up it seemed that only the black strays were friendly enough to come up, say hi and get scritched. I love 'em!

    1. "say it loud, I'm black and I'm proud!" :)

    2. See now, Carebear, I have the urge to do my best James Brown and I have no idea where my do rag is!

  5. As the owner of three black cats, I'm sure people think I'm a warlock. And I agree, there is something special about black cats. Happy Halloween!

  6. Us cat owners and witches love this post!!!! Happy Halloween Mistress.

  7. Very cool post...never know any of this folklore. Hope you get a trick...and lots of treats.

  8. Happy Halloween Mistress. I can't lie, black cats terrify me.

  9. In the words of that great philosopher Groucho Marx: "A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere."

    Happy Samhain!


  10. I sure hope you and the houseboys are decent for the trick or treated tonight.......

  11. black cats are lovely! my late steven was all black, my current oreo girl is black & white.

  12. Cats are gorgeous in all their colors! They are good luck and guardians of our souls, keeping the evil spirits from attacking your home.

    Today, I caught the neighbors' black cat trying to hump another cat on my front porch. I was like, "What the frak? Go behind some bushes or a dumpster or in the alley and hump there like normal cats!"

    They just last looked nonplussed and kept on making out on my porch. The trick or treaters are in for a show.

    Happy Halloween!

  13. Happy Halloween, Mistress! Hope you get some candy. And I didn’t know about dreaming with a black kitty. Darn. Maybe I do have psychic abilities? I thought it was that I had dark chocolate before bed...


  14. I miss my black cat. Ricky was Tonkinese, so he had black fur with gray/white roots. I was lucky to have him for nearly fifteen years.

    I will get another chatty Tonk someday.

  15. I always enjoy your posts, mistress. The things I learn from you are quite amazing. I never new most of these things about black cats. Than you.

  16. I'm so allergic to cats but I really really would love to have a black cat. Great pictures.


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