Sunday, September 22, 2013

Drag Queen's World

Friday night found me at the Raven Resort with the Professor to meet for  some libations, and on the video screens were all the videos playing to the dance ditty playing. When Cher's new video for Woman's World came out it was filled with a cadre of everyday women, but then Cher decided to do a all drag version that came out the end of last month, and I caught it. Have you seen it?

Any drag queen worth her Louboutins gives praise daily for the one and only Cher, I know she on my cross of wood hanging.... so it’s only fitting that some of our favorite queens are appearing in a very special video for the Dark Lady’s latest hit, “Woman’s World.” The girls have been hard at work making the fantastic new video—each will embody one of Cher’s immortal incarnations—

Manila Luzon
 Alyssa Edwards
 and of course, you can't miss...
Chad Michaels
Take a gander, what a fun video. What do you think of this drag-tastic tribute?


  1. It's Cher, bitches.

  2. Doesn't matter how many times we see Chad Michaels impersonating Cher, we just can't find him with any flaw and we always get mindblown. It's like he was made to be her.

    I bow to this queen eternally.

  3. Alyssa Looks sooo fab for the Shoop Shoop part and of course Chad nailed his part.

  4. "I know she on my cross of wood hanging." LOL,LOL! It is a fun video. Seems like drag queens are everywhere all of sudden.

  5. alyssa serving cher 60's Mermaids realness. she looks beautiful. And do we need discuss Ms.Michaels? I love Manilla but she has looked better.

  6. I LOVE Willam, and I LOVE Shangela, but they're not the stars here... Alyssa Edwards and Chad look so damn good in this. HOT DAMN! Perfection! Love the song.

  7. If Cher ever does, God forbid, pass on and it's kept quite, Chad could step in and nobody would be the wiser.

  8. Anonymous9/22/2013

    I love how each of these queens are dressed as Cher in different eras. This is great!

  9. Love the video! I love Manilla but not her best performance.


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